Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Kept dozing off at work. Finally finished reading the boring spec, 300+ pages, camped out in the break room's overstuffed chairs until people came in to play pool & make noise.

Lunchtime went to Kaiser to try to get a new Hgl meter, they said I needed a prescription. Starbucks, sent email to my doctor telling her the assistant gave me the wrong info, please do the prescription, which she did. Back to Kaiser, waited in too long a line for the meter, then had to wait some more because she had sent it to the wrong pharmacy.

Time to switch to a doctor at the main facility. I'm out of MV, it's a hassle.

Home, crashed. Could not get to sleep for more than 30 mins at a time. Domino mostly kept me company.

Up at 7.  Called Comcast, got my new modem online (took way too long - good tech person but slow procedure). Kept my IP address which saves changing all my webcam info again.

Watched South Park and Restaurant Stakeout on Tivo. No Thursday football this week. :-(

On the drive to work this morning the iPod crapped out. It does that. Plugged in the spare, and will see if the A unit comes back to life overnight.

Ran the dishwasher and did a little laundry - bedding. Made the bed with another set of sheets, Domino was really put out about that.

DMV appointment, try to get my current address on my license or a Sr. ID card
Final uke lesson

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