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Not a very eventful year, but the events which did occur were major.
- The company I work for was sold to Google, the unit I am in was spun off and sold to Arris.
- My last remaining uncle passed away, my mother's sister's husband. She is my last living relative of my parents' generation.
- My first brother in law was taken suddenly by cancer. My oldest sister's husband, the only sane member of my Israeli family, days after his 76th birthday.
- I bought a house. Technically a manufactured home in a retirement community, but it was still a gut-wrenching process
- Part of moving required surrendering my half-Siamese, half-Labrador cat after only a year. The most affectionate cat I ever owned, but this turned out to be a good thing for Domino, who hated him and was terrorized by his playfulness.
- My only American nephew became a dad for the first time. They named him Wesley, because, "As you wish". I think he is my 27th grand-nephew/niece. I lost count of my older sister's grandkids at 22.
- In April I was in a craptastic production of Brigadoon. The less said about that the better.
- Bought a new Yaris for cash. Traded it in the next day for a new Toyota. The dealer lost my HOWEIRD plates in May, I finally got replacements in December.
- Ye Olde Towne Band in Los Altos was fun for the third summer in a row. 
- Attended Conflikt and Consonance filk cons.
- Was a panelist about 10 times at Westercon 66, made some new friends and rubbed elbows with the man who wrote The Trouble With Tribbles

A bevy of whale watching trips with heavy lenses at the ready for hours on end gave me tennis elbow, as a result I didn't do much photography the rest of the year. The elbow is finally back about 80%. In addition to the tendinitis I also sprained or fractured the elbow just enough to make it very painful to bump on things, when I crashed it against a door.

The 2014 calendar came out well. For the first time I used more than one photo on some pages, and only left a small number on the cutting room floor. Next year I need to switch to a format which is not spiral bound, to save postage and customs hassles.

Attended many shows which friends were in, saw Reilly & Maloney in concert and Uncle Bonsai. Saw the girl who played Dorothy to my Cowardly Lion in 1986 land a leading role on Broadway.

Plans for 2014:
Stay employed
Continue breathing
Maybe do some more theater. Maybe.
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