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Mister Eclectic

Friday Z's

Took the non-freeway route to work this morning, 20 minutes. :-(

Every morning I start by reading email, there is not usually much, and looking at the front pages of CNN, BBC and two local TV stations' web sites. Once they post the morning pages, they usually don't change unless there is some spectacular new news. The local stations hardly ever update their stories.

Still working with the specs.

Two more cow-orkers showed up and found their calendars. lemmozine, yours is bagged and stamped, just need to drop it off.

Thanks to a tip from kevin_standlee, I went online and bought a pre-paid Oyster card. It's a London transit pass, basically. I think I totally forgot to mention that yesterday I booked a hotel for the duration of Loncon3, as well as flights which will allow me a week after the con to connect with relatives and maybe a wee bit of travel. All my England family are fans, I'm trying to get them to attend for a day.

Lunch was at Pollo Loco, I love their roast chicken.

Straight home after work, the project was to organize, fold (as needed) and closetize all the stuff on the floor of the 3rd bedroom. It was a huge pile, jeans shorts, baseball caps, pillows, a 72" wide faux Thai silk blackout curtain, sweats, Chinese pajama bottoms, various board shorts and cutoffs, floppy hats, fanny packs, etc. These were all used as filler for the boxes of books, photo albums, CDs/DVDs, Videocassettes, etc.

The coup de grace was finally slitting open the large mirror box, which had my framed Thai temple rubbings, two lazy Susans, and my Bangkok Community Theater "Olkiver!" poster from 1976 and an even more ancient Purina Trout Chow bag front in a poster frame. They don't make it any more. My late great brother-in-law Ben one-upped me with a Purina Rat Chow bag he got from working in the UW med school lab.

Ands inside the box were two more jeans shorts.

With the floor cleared, I moved the MIDI keyboard on its stand in there.

On the porch was a shipment of a pair of Z-wave switches. It took a bit of conjuring, but I finally got one set up on BR3's floor lamp. My Z-wave was set up like this:

1=bedroom (2 devices)
2=office (1 device)
3=livingroom (2 devices)
4=one of the two bedroom devices
5= unused (I thought)
6=all units

So I wanted to put BR3 on #5.

Did that, but when I tested, it also turned off three other devices. So I had to go to each of those and remove #5 from them, add #5 and #6 to BR3.

After doing that with the master controller, I had to gather the 6 remotes and copy the new program from the master to each of them, one by one.

So that's done.

Watched some of the Orange Bowl. Good game, relatively high-scoring. Not a lot of penalties called, at least twice the non-calls may have been game changers.

Dinner was TV dinner spaghetti & meatballs. I may need to buy a microwave cart and haul my big rotary dish microwave out of the shed and set it up in the big empty kitchen, the built-in over-the-stove unit is somewhat underpowered and doesn't rotate the food, so results are spotty. Literally.

Transferred some of the $$ left over from the house downpayment into checking to cover the bed and some of my too-high Discover card balance. Too high for me, I'm only halfway to maxed out.

Janice asked to come over Sunday to watch the 49ers game, so I switched the livingroom around so the sofa is in the center and the recliner is off to the side. Will switch it back after. She is very allergic to cats, so I was surprised, but she has antihistamines...Domino will of course want to sit on her lap.

Plans for tomorrow:
UPS, ship an RMA to Amazon (pants ordered too small)
PO and mail a calendar (new house is close to the main PO)
Watch football
Minor shopping.

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