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Wet streets locally again this morning. Script writer made some changes, so I had stuff to test. UPS tracking said recliner was out for delivery, they usually show up around 3-5 pm, so I went home at 1 planning on working from home till it arrived, because it's 100lbs and would be a lot easier if the driver hauled it on his dolly up the stairs and onto the landing.

But when I got home the box was at the foot of the side stairs, which are too narrow to get it inside, so I had to get my dolly and roll the thing all the way down the driveway, out onto the street, to the opposite side of the house and up the front steps, and into the livingroom.

Got the box open and they had broken one of the four widgets at the bottom of the legs. Not crucial, but not good for the carpet.

Put it together, which is dead easy. The foot rest needs to be kicked back into place, so something probably also got bent slightly. Not enough to send it back but enough to complain to overstock.com. Domino was sitting across the top of it before I could even try it out. It's the guest chair.

The box was too big for recycle, so I chopped it up and set it outside.

Did some more work from home, got volunteered to give a demo of it Monday.

Caught up on online stuff, watched an episode of Restaurant Stakeout which was a little bit different than most, because the main issue wasn't the staff, it was the space, and the boss' penny pinching. He fixed it by doubling the staff and totally remodeling the place.

Watched the news, got bored and here I am. I think I'll boost the head of the bed and do some reading.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put together that demo
Starbucks? I have a free drink coming and it's been a while.
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