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They Won, but

The plan was this: the game starts at 10 am, Tivo is set to record it. Start watching at about 10:30, fast forwarding past commercials.
The reality was this: started watching at 10:30, comcast signal went good-bye at 10:40. Their web site said it would be back on by 12:45, which might be after the game is over. Or not. And I figured it won't take that long to fix.

So, I watched a recording of Elementary to pass the time, checking the cable modem every other commercial break. No joy.

Without cable my phone still has a 4G connection, so I was able to keep track of the score on an app I have for that.  The score was not in our favor at the end of Elementary, so I was not interested in going to a sports bar to watch. I figured Togo's would have it on, and it was time for lunch, but not with that score.

I did some reading, made lunch, took out the garbage, took care of the litterbox, bundled some cardboard for recycling (going to try curbside this time), looked at the score and it was better after halftime, so I grabbed my coat and hat, planning on Togo's or Faultline or Round Table, when I saw the modem had all its lights on.

Turned on the TV, watched the final 6 minutes of the game, and the network's post-game wrap, and that's when the cable went out again.

Time to get out. Coat and hat, and the coupon for $1 off breathe-right strips, and headed to the 1st street Target. Got the strips and vitamin D. Stashed those in the car and grabbed my laptop and headed for the in-store Starbucks (Target has excellent wi-fi) but that branch doesn't take the phone app, and I don't carry the physical card.

So back to the car, and to the Mathilda branch which is a straight shot on 237. Plenty of empty tables, but the wi-fi was dead slow, so after catching up on FB I went home.

Cable was back on, so I watched the end of the Denver game, was not surprised that they won.

Next week is going to be interesting. I am both a Seahawks and a 49ers fan. I think this will be the real superbowl. My prediction is the team with the most points will win. You can take that to the bank. The West bank, the left bank, the snow bank.

But seriously, the teams are so evenly matched, and both so prone to make Big Plays...

One good thing about Janice getting back together with her BF is she didn't have to not see the game.

I bailed on the graduation party when the hostess posted that there would be a walk and lots of stairs.

Someone else whose birthday it was had chosen The Boardwalk at 12:30. Uh, no. Win or lose, the place would be packed with fans, many of them drunk. This person picks the seediest places to invite people to keep her company and can't figure out why she never gets any takers.  :-(

7 pm my Hgl was 97, it was also around that in the morning. Bizarre because I made no major changes in eating or insulin from yesterday, when it was in the 300's. Since I had lots of time, I made an omelet, sliced sausage sauteed with kafir lime leaf, Best of the Egg, lactose free milk, topped with slices of string cheese, extra sharp cheddar and American singles. Yummy! Could have used some thyme, but fine without.

My nephew's wife gave him a hockey stick for his birthday yesterday, and that solved the problem of what to do with the two Sharks pucks which have been in the trunk of the car ever since I bought them at a BASFA auction. Nobody can say that his uncle doesn't give a puck.

Plans for tomorrow:
team meeting presentation
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