Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Paying It Backward

Mostly dull day at work except for one amusement. I asked a hardware engineer and a software engineer if they could find me a piece of hardware which both had worked with so I could check out a bug. S/W thought H/W had it, H/W thought a third engineer had it, who said the lat time he saw it S/W had it. Bottom line, I didn't run that test today.

Did some work for Automation Guy.

Lunch was at Denny's. Traditional Grand Slam.

After work 6 pm appointment at Sassy Nails. I was 5 minutes early. They were 20 minutes late, and halfway through she got up to schmooze with some waiting customers. Didn't get out of there till 7:15. Boo, hiss. And this was the appointment she had me delay a day.

Home, dinner was smoked turkey leg, with a side of green peas smothered in margarine, crushed garlic and thyme. Domino bothered me for turkey all through the meal. Annoying because it's hard to carve those.

After dinner I took the tripod out, figured out how to use the heavy-duty quick-connect on it. Screwed the quick-connect to the bottom of the telescope and mounted it on the tripod. Flop! Unmounted it, and moved the connect up to the front hole in the scope. Much better.

Took it outside to look at the moon, which was huge and right where I thought it was supposed to be. However the telescope kept flopping down, I couldn't keep it aimed. Turns out the tripod is defective, the handle which is supposed to screw in to hold things horizontal didn't work.

Online, looked up my telescope and ordered the tripod which the manufacturer suggests for it. It's also a good photography tripod, so worth the extra $$.

Brought everything back inside and put it away for now.

Nothing in the mailbox tonight.

Did some laundry - whites. Last night two pairs of Levi's arrived, to replace one fraying pair and one pair of Wranglers which are way cheaply built, possibly counterfeit. The new ones are a size apart, but they both fit.

I have been swapping around people I read on LJ, so if you don't see me leaving comments it's just me rotating the crops. One person I had not been reading is back on my list because he/she/it is an entertaining writer, and I had heard rumors of divorce and a sex change operation which I found hard to believe. Turns out some of that was true, some not so much. Also added back someone who used to write way too much. Added because he/she/it has a very scary small world relationship with me of which said person is unaware. And the spouse's name is a variation on one of my sisters' names. But so far I haven't seen any posts. Maybe they went goodbye or flocked their posts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy
Attend a 1 pm presentation at the library by master gardeners on the care and feeding of fruit trees.
Buy a pot and rolling stand for the lime tree and relocate it outside.
be lazy some more 
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