Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Surf's Up

Totally forgot about Mavericks surf completion this morning until it showed up at work during my CNN break. But there were no waves showing on the live streaming, just a bunch of surfers and boats bobbing on a fairly flay sea. Only one surfer had scored any points. The usual suspects and I went to lunch (Round Table's pizza buffet) and when we got back I was busy doing actual work until about 4. Looked again and now it was almost over, they were showing reruns of 40-foot waves being ridden, and five or six surfers had scored, one of them 3 times, and one of his was a 10.

Stayed till almost 6, finishing up some work for Automation Guy, who said that since I did the work, I could do the demo again, at Monday's team meeting. Okay, he's right, I give good demo.

Headed for Lowe's, where I discovered I had forgotten the discount coupon, so instead of buying a lot of stuff I needed, I only bought wild bird seed and an American flag with a flagpole kit. The house has an empty flag pole holder. Will go back tomorrow with the coupon and buy two garden hoses, some hose hardware, and maybe a couple of indoor plants.

Home, put the flag pole together, attached the USA flag, attached an almost-as-big Thai flag below it, and set it aside until tomorrow because flags should be posted in daylight.

Filled the bird feeder, took down the empty hummingbird feeder and hung the seed feeder in its place. Tapped on the full hummer feeder to burp it, and the bubbles meant maybe there had been some activity.

Two surprises this morning at the mailbox. Mine and most of the mailboxes on the block had their doors open. And in the park's mail tube was my rent/utilities bill. This is the first month electric and gas was billed, and it was a hefty $ 68 each. And the larger garbage can cost me more, but only about $7 for twice the capacity. Everything else was the same. Yesterday the mortgage deduction hit the checking account, but it was the same as last month, which means they haven't processed the new insurance yet. It should go up by $5 a month when that is done.

Watched an episode of Shark Tank. One of the applicants was a total fake, snake oil salesman. Everyone saw right through him immediately.

Dinner made me late. I decided to heat up the frozen Marie Calendar lasagna in the oven. Took an hour. Cut the fungus off a piece of swiss cheese, sliced it up and added it to the top of the container and 10 more minutes. Tried to cut it into squares, but it was a hot mess and I ended up using a pancake flipper to slap the goop onto a plate. Tasted great but looked like a disaster.

The chocolate fudge ice cream was nice too.

This morning's Hgl was 89, and I was feeling a bit squirrelly, and puzzled because I'd made a snack at 11 pm of a grilled cheese sandwich. And I had three pieces of chocolate from the night stand while I was reading in bed. Same insulin as usual. Weird.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing time-related
Lowe's, stuff for the house.
Looking forward to LJ and FB reports on Conflikt. Decided to skip it because the venue sucks and last year I had very little fun because my favorite performers decided to make it a relaxacon and didn't do much singing. Will be at Consonance for my major league filk fix.
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