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Sunday bowling league

Slept in till 10 again because I had stayed up way late to finish reading China Miéville's The City and The City. And because I had nothing on the agenda for the morning. Okay, I was going to catch a movie, but decided I had seen all the Oscar nominees I was interested in. The ones I have not seen:

Nebraska - how many minutes of movie can one really believe a son will put up with his father's demented quest?
Dallas Buyers Club - Maybe if I was gay
Captain Phillips, Saving Mr. Banks - Can't stand Tom Hanks
12 Years a Slave - Maybe if I was African-American
Wolf of Wall Street - Not going to support a disgustingly greedy criminal, even to see babes in bikinis
Her - Okay, maybe I do want to see this. It had been off the list until the Golden Globes, when I discovered writer/director Spike Jonez is not Spike Lee.

Made brunch, microwaved a couple of those big sausages from Costco, and scrambled some eggbeaters. Spent quality time with Tivo to make sure I had the Pro Bowl and Superbowl set to record.

Grabbed the Basic Vietnamese disk set and my rent check, intending to drive to the community center en route to the library, but there were no parking spaces and I can drop off the check any time before 9 pm, so next stop was the library, where I checked in the disk set, then took the laptop inside and used their wi-fi to troubleshoot ljarchive and seamagic, both of which were erroring out when connecting to LJ. I found fixes for both. LJarchive had somehow lost the patch which made it able to download comments, but some change in LJ servers made it look like it was not connecting at all. Seamagic was throwing the same kind of error, but as soon as I told it to cancel, it logged me in.

Updated LJ for yesterday, ran Norton's updates, enjoying people watching while waiting and rebooting.

Was going to go to Mancini's to find out if the bed frame could be lowered, but figured it would be smarter to go during the week when the person who sold it is there and customers are not.

Finally had time and opportunity to stop in at the sleazy bikini bar down the block from the house. The Brass Rail used to be a major hangout for Navy guys stationed at Moffett, but it has been decades since the base was closed, but it's a large bar with a lunchroom attached, and several pool tables, so people still go there. I got a diet coke from the bar, and sat at one of the stages (there are 4) but no one was dancing. After 10 minutes dancers came out, but none of them (one each on 3 stages) were at all attractive to me. And on the big screen the Pro Bowl was starting, which surprised me because I thought it started much later, being in Hawaii.

So I bailed and went home, walked the check to the community center and dropped it in the rent drop box. Bundled up the cardboard from the past 2 weeks, and wheeled that out to the curb with the garbage can.

turned on Tivo and watched in my usual way, fast forwarding through the commercials. It was a pretty good game, except it was very low scoring considering all the quarterback talent. They changed a lot of the rules, one of which vastly improved the game - instead of having NFC play AFC they had Dione Sanders and Jerry Rice draft players, so there was a lot of teammate-on-teammate action. Carolina defenseman tackling Carolina QB, etc. It was boring for most of the 3rd quarter but the ending was epic. Jerry's kids won by a point, Technically it was 8 points but the refs ended the game before the final play was over. A missed field goal was in the process of being returned for a touchdown, but they blew it dead when the clock hit 0. Bad call, but it didn't change the results.

Somewhere in there I made another batch of duck soup. Still had lots of breast bones and the neck, and dug into the bag of leftover meat. Chopped in half an onion, half a parsnip, and added thyme, red pepper flakes, parsley and fish sauce. Simmered for an hour and it was delicious. Re-froze the neck for another day.

After the Pro Bowl I had a Tivo of 2 hours of Seahawks arriving in NJ, including a little wrap up of the major send off they got from home, and the NJ press conferences with the coach, the QB and Richard Sherman, who were all well prepared and articulate and you couldn't tell they had just been on a plane for 5 hours.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Team meeting, present another demo for Automation Guy

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