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The M stands for Magic.

Somehow the Seamagic connection to LJ mysteriously fixed itself. I'm back to offline editing with full wysiwig features.

Monday Monday, can't rust that day. Everyone knows that no oxidation occurs on Mondays, especially of one's brain cells.

Up with the alarm, for the 5th time in so many weekdays started to change the alarm radio channel from KOMO in Seattle to something else, and for the 5th time reminded myself that it's more interesting than waking up to a Bay Area station until the Superbowl is over.

After that, probably not so much. I don't think Seattle's mediocre offense can put up enough points to score more than Denver. OTOH, I am a Seahawks fan, even have a jersey with my name on the back. Okay, Jaye Howard's name. #94.

When I was growing up in Seattle they did not have an NFL team. Little known fact: the old Kingdome was named for the Seattle Kings NFL team which never was. Both were named for the county in which Seattle resides.

What I like most about the team is what I liked about the Series winning SF Giants: They play as a team. 

I'd had a difficult night, thanks to scarfing up way too many cheezy poofs without first lactose-proofing my tummy. Finally fell asleep about 2:30, and had to be up and out the door before 9 to be at work with enough time to dry run the demo I was giving at the 10 o'clock meeting.

Accomplished that somehow. Demo was visited briefly by Murphy, but one of my teammates pointed out that the firewall I had disabled last week was back. Nuked that and had a flawless demo.

By lunchtime the gastro-intestinal was still unsure of itself, so as I aimed the car in the general direction of food, I let my combination steering wheel/dowsing rod steer me to where there was fiber. Denny's wheat pancakes FTW. IHOP might do them better, but they are in the opposite direction and lunchtime service is glacial.

Left work at 5:30 to get to downtown SJ in time to get a good seat for the 6:30 show at Camera 12. There is no good way to get there from work before 7 pm when the commuter lanes open to all, and I didn't get there till 6:20. Turns out the FB event had the time wrong, it actually was a 7 pm start. :-( But that meant I got a good seat, right in front of the cast. One of my best buddies from Menlo Players days was the lead character in this indie, called The Devil in White. It's a sci-fi slasher flick. A scientist develops a white powder which enhances the senses. Rub it on your eyes, you can see better. But over time it will draw away from your other senses. And it gas cocaine/LSD-like side effects. Well acted, a tightly written  script, very good makeup and effects for an indie, some audio drops and a few abrupt transitions, but generally well directed and edited. And all the women in it are sexy. Even the mom. Which was nice because they were sitting right behind me. I don't usually like slasher thrillers, but I had a good time. Better than BASFA, but fewer puns.

Home, Domino kept yelling at me, she hates it when I am not home to give her treats at a reasonable hour. Banquet piece-o-crap alleged chicken fried steak dinner, yummy fudge brownie ice cream for dessert.

During the day, the director of Sunnyvale Players' upcoming Little Shop of Horrors messaged me on FB asking if I was interested in auditioning for Mushnik. I don't know him, don't know who suggested me (my last gig there was in 2000), so it's quite a compliment. They are doing the version where Mushnik sings, which I am not familiar with, so I told him I'd have to check on the piano if I had the G2-F4 range they listed on the audition sheet. I did that tonight, I have more than that range (F4 turns out to only be F above middle C), so I messaged him about that. But I also saw on the sheet what it was which kept me from auditioning, they were going to make everyone dance. So I added to the message that I don't dance anything more intensive than character dances (I am not someone who benefits from extensive warmups or can stay upright through a production number). I suspect that will be fine. Next step is to arrange a time/place to read & sing for him. I looked him up online, he appears to be directing his first show, and his background is the SF comedy competition in 2006 with a routine which made fun of The Annoying. Parts of it were clever, parts were annoying & stupid. But he showed good comic timing.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wait for the piano tuner, due at 10.
Work from home while he's raising the pitch (right now A is 433 instead of the desired 440) and tuning, and making any necessary repairs. I need to ask if it's possible to put wheels back on the thing.
To the office, if there is time
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