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It's taking longer and longer to be a wise guy on Facebook in the morning. I was up and online by 8:10 but didn't get out of the house until 9:30. So glad the Monday team meeting is at 10 nowadays. But I missed the email from Automation Guy about the new test script being ready to test. The one he was supposed to get to me Friday morning.

Meeting was good because I'm the first one one the database project and just by chance put up some impressive numbers and was able to give some heads-ups to the team. The new database has some neat features and a couple of wonky ideosyncazies.

Was sitting down to tackle the harder database stuff, writing step-by-step test descriptions, when AG told me about his email. I tested the script, it worked on my test machine, but when we tried it on a production machine it crashed. It took a few minutes, but I found the bug. Then something more serious didn't work, but some research found the fix, which I put in place and then went to lunch.

Togo's - Monday Pastrami is the special, also my fave. Some very pretty bottoms behind the counter (the seats at the front window have a view of the sandwich maker's stations from "backstage left").

Back at work, showed AG the fix, and he was so jazzed that he volunteered me to demo the script at the next team meeting. :-( Not want.

Puzzled over the next set of test cases, and eventually rewrote them and added test steps. All of them are easy by tedious to describe. Lots of cut and paste and tweak.

Home, UPS had put the 60-lb, 4-foot-tall box of litter cartridges and litterbox hood on the landing of the carport steps, effectively blocking the door. I managed somehow to get it inside, slice it open, and transport the contents to their assigned locations. I'm not sure how Domino will take to the hood, she seems to prefer curling into tight places. I had not used the hoods before because Pumpkin and Kaan were way too big for them.

Pooped after that, just catnapped on the recliner until it was time to go to BASFA. Lots of folks were elsewhere, mostly on their way home from Gally1 in LA. Or home but recovering from the con.

It was a short meeting, but complete. I was able to do the book reviews I had put off because the last two meetings were split between meeting and Hugo award suggestions sessions.

Home again, had some chocolate ice cream. I thought it would finish the carton but there's still another serving in there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kinko's, copy the music from the Litttle Shop script. Punch holes and put it all in a binder.

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