Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday Shoot em up

I'm writing this Monday because Sunday went by too fast.

Morning photo shoot started late because model took Amtrak from Hayward to Santa Clara. Bus would have been a better choice. Amtrak as usual got delayed in the Alviso flats as Union Pacific messed with the signals.

The model was great, very in shape woman with all the right curves. And smart, but married and lives in Long Beach.

Once again the host decided to go all artsy fartsy, so my whole first set was crap, severe side lighting totally wasted having a beautiful model. As did the second set in front of a diffused light. The next three were better, normal studio lighting against a white background, with the model on the floor, then on a hawser hung from the rafters and finally on a big metal ring hung from the rafters. Host doesn't understand the physics of hanging things, so both the rope and ring rotated out of control a lot.

Photos are not work-safe, but if you are my flickr friend you can see them here:

There are two work safe ones I'll try to post

Because we started so late, we ran way long so I missed the talk at the library at 3. Instead I stopped off at Starbucks near Janice's to kill half an hour to be at her place by 4:30. She needed some help putting her bed back together, and her love life. And she needed lessons on how to use her remote to control the new setup Comcast installed. She claims she always had a Comcast box in the mix, but she didn't. She had been directly connected to the wall, and used the TV tuner to get the 3 channels available, which no longer are because Comcast is all digital now. Unfortunately her remote is so old it doesn't support the codes for the new Cisco/Comcast box. It's a digital to analog converter, wired to plug into the TV's antenna input. It would have been so much better if it was a straight digital box which could plug into one of the three HDMI inputs. So she is stuck with using the two remotes.

The day after Valentine's Day she pushed her SO too far and he broke up with her. Pretty stupid. As usual, she can't see that she says she wants friends with benefits while she really wants monogamy. Wimmin.

Home, joined the Little Shop Google group, which had a lifesaver - the whole script on PDF. I printed that out, which saved me a ton of work at Kinko's. I still have to copy the music, though. And I need to 3-hole-punch it all and folderize it.

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