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Missions Accomplished

Something I forgot to post, a couple of days ago, my Comcast Internet went wonky, and when it came back it had given my router a whole different IP address. That's seriously wrong, because the IP address is supposed to survive at least 3 days of outage. PIA because I had to re-program the addresses on all my webcam apps/pages. Haven't done howeird.com yet.

Way late getting to bed last night/this morning, thanks to BASFA and finishing John Scalzi's The B Team. As usual, gripping writing, good character building. And as usual I was a bit unimpressed with the ending, which is most likely a setup for the sequel. Many sequels.

So, way late getting awake too. This is the first time in ages when I slept through the alarm and the lights coming on, and was woken up by Domino sitting up on the bed, yelling at me. It was early enough to send an "I'll be late for work" message.

Very tedious work today. I discovered a glaring typo in my cut and paste template, and had to go in and fix it in about 20 test cases. Still managed to add steps to about 40.

Just before quitting time, boss sent me email asking if I could check out a question engineering had about some complex video format behavior. So I know what I'll be doing in the morning.

Lunch was at the Chinese bad food place, very strange that the parking lot was rife with empty places. It's usually full at that time of day. Only ate half, but it spiked my blood sugar horribly. I will ask the doc to put me back on the old insulin regimen, where I shoot up before meals instead of twice a day.

After work, first stop was Mancini's Sleepworld, where I was told the 120-day guarantee did not apply because I bought a floor model at a deep discount. That's what it said on the web site, but it's not what the salesguy had told me. Turns out the issue is not the mattress, it's the long legs on the frame. So tomorrow noon-2 window someone will come and remove the legs and install the wheels directly into the base. That should lower the bed to Hobbit level, which is what I need with my short legs. No charge.

From there brain farted and drove all the way to the Mountain View Kinko's instead of the much closer to Mancini's and home one in the Mercado. Spent almost an hour copying the music, and punching holes in the script and music. And bought a 3-ring binder for it all. They didn't have tabs, just index dividers, which get in the way. I may actually have tabs in the closet somewhere.

Home, Hgl was 411, highest I have ever seen it, and that was 3 hours after eating anything, and 6 hours after lunch. Obviously the high-test insulin is not working correctly. No dinner needed tonight. Has some home made lime soda, though.

Really have to wrap this up and hit the sheets. Make up for sleep dep. There is nothing on my Kindle I haven't read yet. Maybe I'll get the other 3 Lois Lowry "The Giver" series before I sign off.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home by noon, wait for the bed people
back to work, unless I can finish the project at home, 50-50 chance.

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