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It was pouring down rain this morning, so I didn't take the freeway to work. Not much doing at the salt mines, but two meetings helped pass the time. One about the upcoming product and the other my bi-weekly 1-on-1 where we spent as much time talking about telescope photography as we did about work.

Home, both flags were soaked and wrapped around the poles defying the anti-wrap devices I had installed. Took the Thai flag down and threw it in the dryer with the bedding which had come out of the washer.

Had just enough time to walk to the community center for bingo. $5 for 4 cards, I won $9.50 on one bingo. Did not win the door prize or the 50-50, which was $5. So all in all I lost 50 cents. But I met a lot more of my neighbors and got some gossip on the people in #8.

Walked home, it was raining but not too hard. Seattle and a little more.

On the commute home I played my Little Shop songs several times, but still don't have the hang of most of the patter and syntax. Grrr. Usually I pick that up quickly, but usually the songs are well written. These are songs which were cut from the movie. For a reason. :-(

Late dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
My first Little Shop music rehearsal

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