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Bingo last night meant late dinner, late insulin and 6 am insulin reaction Hgl of 60. Treated it with Klondike bars, went back to bed but had to be up at 7:30. Low blood sugar in my case makes a short term insulin and sugar rush followed by huge sucking-the-life-out-of-you feeling.

Got to work, got some stuff done, had lunch at Round Table and about 4 was drained and feeling like if I didn't drive home now and take a nap I would not be safe to drive, so I went home and took a nap. Domino was all over me. I'm not sure if she knew I wasn't feeling well or if she was pissed I had not given her some treats.

Managed to actually sleep about an hour and a half, which was time to get up and do one little project online and go to rehearsals.

First music rehearsal, we pounded out my two solo numbers (one ends up as a duet) both of which are fast an tongue twisters. I'm closer now to being able to imagine actually doing this on stage without a script. But not quite there yet.

Coming home was an adventure because there is some mega-thing at the Hindu temple on the corner, they have almost zero parking, and they drive like they are in Mumbai. Took me 15 minutes to go the last two blocks. Police had a car parked at the beginning of the block, but were doing nothing to try to direct traffic. The temple had not done the neighborly thing of telling us about this big event, which won't be over till 6:30 tomorrow morning.

Home, the model from my last shoot asked my FB name so she could post one of my photos of her on her page. She posted it, but didn't tag. Not a problem because she posted one with my signature on it. It was a pose which they call "implied" which means from what you can see you may imply she is naked, but she may not be. In this case she was, and it would be pretty tough from that pose to argue she had anything on. But none of the censorable bits show.

Got Janice's new remote programmed, in time for her 70th b'day party Sunday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the weather. They are predicting horrendous winds and rain, and I may decide to WFH where we have underground wiring, culverts and are two feet above the ground.
Celebrate the end of Black History Month
Tags: diabetes, rehearsals, religion, traffic, work

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