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Slept well, no lows, got to work okay. Mostly continued the usual stuff there. Lunch with the gang, we poked our heads into the Philippine place, but (a) our resident Filipino was not impressed and (b) there was noplace for 5 people to sit. Went to Sushi Blvd instead, which is usually jam packed, but they were half empty. Had a bento box.

Home after work, the Thai flag was fine but the US flag had wrapped itself around the pole 4 times. I thought I had fixed that. Grrr. Grabbed the rent check and drove over to the community center and put it in the slot. Usually I walk there but tonight it was raining and blustery. While I was there I turned on the lamps in the billiard room, and played a horrible game of 8-ball which I lost by scratching on the 8-ball. We have a table at work now, but if I racked up on that there would be vultures in minutes. I'm not very good, I don't want to play 4-somes, which is what always manages to happen.

Back home, caught up on FB. Used my laptop, partly to charge it and partly to update Windows and Norton.

The last model friended me and tagged my photo. The one I took of her. Somewhat NSW so I'll hide it

Also proved the power of social networking: L is someone who has seen me on stage, and I have seen his daughter, E, on stage. L is now performing at a theater I have worked in several times. E is in college, and wants to be a theater intern this summer, L asked me if I have any connections which could help. K is a friend I have been on stage with, and so is her husband, S. The show I was in with S is in the theater L is currently in. L's last two shows were in a theater K's daughter performed in, and maybe K too. K runs programs for encouraging high school students to go into the arts. I think it's under an art company S founded. Anyhow, L & K really need to know each other, so K sent L a friend request, and scant minutes later found a theater in SJ which was interested in E interning. It's a good fit for her, I hope it happens. In short, I helped two of my friends connect and find a theater internship for a deserving daughter. Yay!

Yesterday I was looking for a photo of a cousin when he was about 5 to embarrass him with, went through a ziplock bag full of photos where I thought this one was, but it wasn't. Instead I found a handfull of old pix with me in them, which I just scanned. It looks like I had something going with one of the violinists in the Fiddler on the Roof show I was in in Sunnyvale a long time ago. She's an FB friend but she rarely posts, possibly because she works for a FB app company. I wonder where I went wrong? Probably didn't follow up after the show was done.

Plans for tomorrow:
Photo shoot at 11
Little Shop of Horrors at Foothill College at 8
Stop off at Fry's somewhere in there to get a replacement power brick for my laptop (the one I keep at home died)
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