Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Long busy day

And I am pooped. So skeleton journaling.

Another 60 blood sugar at 3:30 am. Grrr. I only shot up 30 out of the usual 40 units of insulin. NOT FAIR!

Went to Janice's 70th birthday party, met her latest DDG AA sponsee. I was official photographer, but with Janice's camera so no pix to share. I put my gift in an unmarked cardboard box. She didn't open presents but she'll figure it out.

Stopped off at her local Safeway for thin mints.

Home, parked in the recliner until 5:30, cat napping with Domino.

Then to rehearsals. 2 hours of choreography. We did my whole Big Number, me & Seymour. He is a mensch. The choreographer is a cute Filipina-American who looks great in spandex. She has slightly over-choreographed the number but only slightly. She was pretty easy on us, took suggestions. Apparently this will be our only choreographer session. Yikes. Neither of us know the song completely yet, this should have been done much later in the schedule. Music was easier, we just combined stuff Seymour and I had rehearsed individually.

Safeway stop for groceries.

Home, missed the Oscars, didn't record it, so I watched some of the Beatles tribute over dinner.

Took out th garbage.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, p/u new insulin (actually a return to the old)
Deposit the $14 check from CA for some unclaimed refund that I found on the web.

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