Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fast and Slow Asleep

Back to the old insulin regimen. Not as scary as the experimental stuff.
Work, got some more cases written but that's pretty much all of them for now.

Lunch with Automation guy at Barn Thai, a nice place where they know me and are ambilingual. AG loves their Pot Thai, because it isn't loaded with sugar or ketchup. It tastes good but they use the wrong noodles (too thin).

Had enough time after work to buy gas and have a mocha at Starbucks before rehearsals. We blocked Act 1 all the way through with just me, Seymour, Audrey and the Dentist. Tried to run it through but didn't quite make it when 10 pm stop time rolled around. I got out of a lot of stuff I had been hoping I wouldn't have to do. Audrey has the voice down pat, just needs some help faking low self-esteem because IRL she has a good healthy self-image.

After, stopped in at CVS across the street for generic Imodium, it was on sale "buy 1 get 1/2 off on the second". Also got some pre-made flower pots with soil & a seed packet.

Home, dinner, planted the mint cuttings which had sprouted roots into the pots (put the seeds aside) and put them on the kitchen window sill.

Watched some TV news, which was kind of a wasted because I have time at work to scan CNN, BBC and to local TV station web sites.

Plans for tomorrow:
Rehearsals (Act 1 again, but with the rest of the cast and maybe music)


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