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Work was The Usual
Lunctime I went out expecting to hit up Walgreen's to replace my falling apart foam soda can holder/cooler, but instead my OCD took me to Stevens Creek Toyota's service department, which had not returned my three phone calls during the past month, simply asking for a quote on replacing my flakey after-market in-dash Kenwood system with a Toyota OEM system.

It took a tag team of five people 20 minutes to get the wrong answer. The installer claims that my model Corolla was not built with the cabling to support Toyota's GPS system, and that it would cost $5k just for the unit, and then they would have to send it out to a retail audio place down the street to have it installed for another cashectomy. I know this is BS because when I bought the car they offered me the OEM package with backup camera.

So I went to my favorite installers (down the block, different place) and put down $100 on a Pioneer system which will cost $1300 installed, half of that I will make back selling the Kenwood on eBay.

After work I went to my 6 pm nail appointment, waited 5 minutes for a seat at a station,  but after 20 minutes of being ignored I left. The place was full, they didn't need my business. I went home and trimmed my nails just to get rid of the annoying broken ones, but now I need to find a new salon.

Home for half an hour, then on to Consonance filk con in Milpitas. One reason I bailed on the nail place is I had not gotten the memo that the con had moved back from Newark, and was expecting 20 minutes more time on 880. I missed the first number of Kathleen's set, but Starship and Haiku is not a favorite of mine, while the second number, Meat, is. Jeff & Maya were their usual selves, extremely talented but most of their songs are tuneless ballads, and most of their parodies use music I either am not familiar with or don't particularly like. They brought Rika the International Guest up to sing some harmony and play her middle eastern drum. Rika is a masterful singer, especially considering how little time she had to learn those harmonies, but the drum didn't add much. Blame Jeff's incredible rhythm guitar skilz.

Finally the concert I made the trip for, Mark Osier's Toastmaster gig. I have seen him a couple of times before, but was completely blown away by his (winning) entry in a Conflikt song writing contest a year or three ago. He played that number, which is hilarious, but would have been moreso if he had said which 7 words were required by the contest rules to be in the song before doing the song, instead of being asked by a loudmouth fan (lisa_marli) after.

My plan was to hang out in the con suite after, but like Potlatch, the food was arranged in a way that one couldn't get to it, and unlike Potlatch, the crowd was sitting silently watching an episode of Flash Gordon. No conversation possible. So I went home.

Had dinner, Domino kept trying to grab some, and her claws were getting caught in my jeans, so I tried trimming her nails, but only got one paw done before she bolted. Not my night for manicure success.

Plans for tomorrow:
Costco, the last batch of slide scans are ready to pick up. If it isn't too crowded I may also buy some food-like objects
Consonance day 2 starts at noon. Maybe go to Butter & Zeuss for waffles.
Not sure if I will stay long at the con, need to study my lines and some weeds need pulling along the driveway.

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