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Yiddish for "in the dirt", aka dead. Which is how I feel right now, sleep depraved. Work was full of things to do today, and at 5 the boss called me into his office while I was finishing up one of them. Turns out it was annual evaluation feedback feedback time. Long story short, each of the goals and such he marked me as average or above, he said a lot of nice things about my work and personality and the lack of teammate bloodstains on my cubicle's carpet.

After going over each of the 5 pages, we turn to page 6, which includes a 3% raise and about a 6% or 7% bonus. Two bonuses, technically because Q1 we were part of a different company, so they paid 1/4 of the bonus separately, and the new company paid the rest. If I remember correctly all of this goes into effect in May, though it is possible it is for the April 1 paycheck. The net result of the boni (plural for bonus?) will be about 2 month's rent, or a very large shipment of thin mints. 

Snacked all day. Pistachios, pickles, celery dipped in hummus, string cheese, so instead of eating at lunchtime I went to Fry's to see if they had Thunderbolt-ready PC motherboards. Nope. And no Thunderbolt cards for the PC. This means I will sell the bargain Thunderbolt 8TB drive scheduled to be delivered Friday. And any way I cut it, it looks like 8TB NAS is going to be about $700. Not worth it for me yet.

Straight to the community center, even though rehearsals were not scheduled till 7, which means 7:20 Director's Time. I'm on stage for 2 minutes, then off for 20, then on for 5, and then I'm done till the finale, which we did not do. And again he micro-directed, so out of 2 hours I sat around for 1:40. At least he sent me home at 9 instead of 10.

We have tomorrow off. I need to study lines, especially the ones in my songs. And nap. After work, that is.

Plans for tomorrow:

Study lines
fire up Goldwave and edit the Broadway recording of my songs to match what is in our version. The music director claims we are doing the original off-broadway, but I don't think so.

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