Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Once Again, How

did it get so late so early?

This morning's project was to install Office 2013 64-bit on the PC. It wouldn't let me. It claimed I had 32-bit Office 2007 on it, and 32-bit doesn't play well with 64. That in itself is a crock. More of a crock is when I tried to uninstall 2007, it said it wouldn't let me because it was in the wrong language. I thought I figured that out by removing my Thai language pack (I have a Thai/English keyboard) but it still wouldn't uninstall. I went to the registry and removed every Office-like object I could find, but still no go.

So I went online and tried a chat with support. I was on hold for 15 minutes before I closed the browser and tried again. This time I got someone who asked me to repeat everything I told him, this is written chat not verbal. Finally he asks to take over my machine and fix it himself. Fine. I started this at 9, by 11 he was just wrapping up, and I told him I wanted to install 2013 64-bit now, and he jumped right in and started to go to download it (I already did that) and I had to fight for control of the mouse, but finally hit the Big Red X to log him off. And instead of the desktop arrangement which I had worked years to get the way I wanted, he had left me with the generic Windows background and maybe 4 icons on the desktop. I had set up my laptop next to the main PC and had been working from home, but needed to get to the office to test a local laser connection.

All day I was fuming that I was going to have to do a system restore to get my desktop back, and then go through the support thing again, but with them telling me what to do so I could nix anything that touched my system.

Work was work, lots to do. Boss blew off our 1-on-1 because he is still handing out raises. 

Last night I had tried to make gravy from the lamb stew liquid, remembered I had thrown out the corn starch before I moved  because it was, like 20 years old, and had not replaced it. So lunchtime first stop was Save Mart for starch. Also this morning I finally did something about the collar on  one of my very few not permanent press shirts - got out the iron and board and ironed the collar. So two starches on the list, but got sizing instead because it's more subtle. And then I found some brown gravy mix, which seemed like an even better idea. For the stew, not the shirts.

Hometown Buffet was nearby, some of the food was edible. I had my Nexus with the Kindle app, was continuing reading Son from the Giver set, when a boy about 8 years old sat at the table next to me and cranked up the video on his hand-held something. It sounded like Chipmunk Wars. His parents joined him at the table, he ignored them and cranked it up some more.

I picked up my stuff and moved to the other side of the fairly huge place. Back to work, temp was in the 80s.

Home after work. 74° at 6 pm.

I had two jobs: Fix the PC and get 64-bit Office on there
Edit the mp3 for My Big Number so it matched our score (the 2013 b'way revival comes close but has some extra-stupid additional music) so I could learn the lines
And if I had time I would study spoken lines.

Powered up the PC and it came up with my beloved desktop. Job 1 half done. Installed the 64-bit Office, it took an hour to crank, and then another hour to "repair" because it couldn't find my authorization code. While I had the laptop there, I also installed it on that, but there were no issues with its installation.

Edited the music in Goldwave, it only took a few minutes, with two pauses at 10-minute marks as I added brown gravy mix to the lamb stew liquid and let it simmer.

Tried to upload it to the cast's Google Group, but it was too big, so I did a save-as at a lower bit rate and that got posted. We're going to choreograph it Sunday night, nice to have one that matches.

Dinner was lamb stew in gravy. It was nummy, but I had overcooked the lamb a bit. Still better than the beef-like lamb they gave me at Wang's Indian place in Milpitas.

Launced Itunes and payed the song over and over again, or actually the short pieces of it which I'm having trouble with. Better, but still not there. There are just too many words to do in a single breath and no where to breathe. And the syntax doesn't match the music. Grrrr.

Tomorrow we're supposed to do Act 2, which I'm mostly not in, but the leading man is in another show and won't be there, and some other folks we need won't be there, so I don't know what we're really going to do. I had tonight off because the theater and the backup space were both occupied.

Plans for tomorrow:

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