Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late Ent

The plan was to get up at 10 after a late party night, be at the photo studio at 11, the rehearsals at 6.

What actually happened was the model missed her train, so the shoot was at noon; the choreographer didn't get to the theater until 6:20. I should have gone home 5 minutes earlier.

The shoot was mostly a bust. Model is a redhead with gorgeous face & stunning eyes, but an out of shape body. The host did not do as promised, and set up lights which let us focus on her eyes, instead he put together three artsy fartsy lighting setups which ignored her eyes and made her body look worse than it is. I only came out with 47 usable photos, and half of those after heavily photoshopping for contrast and color. Usually I get 200+.

Rehearsal was a PIA. Choreographer did a crappy job, it took her an hour to put together the routine, and then the director said it wouldn't do, and he took us out to the lobby for another 45 minutes and invented something mostly better, but by then I was so tired and confused that I really don't know. After he was done with us he said he wanted the choreographer to see it, but when I was called back into the theater a few minutes before 9 (end of rehearsal time) it wasn't to run the dance, it was to check out the huge plant puppet and see if I could make it through the opening when I get eaten. The answer is yes, probably, if the puppeteer gets out of the way, and someone helps pull me from backstage.

9:15 Director was still jabbering with the quartet and didn't hear me when I called to him, so I left.

We have another rehearsal tomorrow. I plan to be late.

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