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Still recovering from the rehearsal from heck.

Work, parked in the back lot as usual, something was missing. Several HUGE pine trees which had been just in front of the back wall were gone, only some pine-smelling sawdust left behind. Removing them was probably illegal, they were healthy and posed no danger other than dropping huge pine cones on people and cars. Even so, it should have required a permit application posted on the trees.

Team meeting was kind of quiet, I got to describe the app that I tested last week. We were done in 20 minutes but then boss found other things to chat about. Fairly important things.

Not much work to do, just reading some docs from other team mates.

Lunch was at Denny's, th original Grand Slam almost did me in, or maybe it was the apple crisp for dessert.

Left at 5:30 so I could go home and veg out, which I did, but then exploded with pent up mad when I saw that Domino had pooped in the hallway again. No excuse this time, her litterbox was clean. Shut her out of the bedroom and the office (where she usually camps out all day).

Got to rehearsals right on time, but they were using the stage for the puppets (HUGE-assed things on the order of the biggest muppet monsters). Music with Seymour and music director, then with the whole cast. Before we started Director said he wanted to see us do the choreography we learned last night, I told him I'd rather not, he said we'd do it anyway. But he left before we were done with music, so I was spared. He is now on my list of directors to never work with again. He was a putz when he was a kid, he's still a putz now.

After rehearsal I went to CVS for breathe-rite strips, which were cleverly hidden, and remembered I needed Vitamin D and Beta Carotene, both of which were on 2-4-1 sales. So now I have enough for at least a year. Also needed shampoo, but they don't carry the flavors I like or the Fambly size. Compensated with sale-priced Cadbury eggs.

Home, for dinner I reheated some corned beef and the celery/onions/mushrooms it had been crocked in. The veggies were yummy but the beef was all gristle. Domino kept trying to grab some, but I kept pushing her off the chair. This after I saw the barf in the hallway from last night's corned beef. I am so mad at her, I'm tempted to just take her out to some park and leave her there. Except she's micro-chipped. Twice.

The enclosure for what was supposed to be the consolation backup drive arrived, and it is very pretty. I don't have time to put the drives in, but that will probably happen later in the week.

Plans for tomorrow:
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