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Tired today, re-tired tomorrow

I've been having trouble falling asleep, and the result is at about 3-4 pm my body approaches hibernation mode. Today I didn't do much, slept till 8:30, used the guest shower again (now that the soap/shampoo dispenser is mounted in there, it is way more comfortable than the closet-like master shower).

I really need to call a remodeling person to see about fixing the master bath.

Went to the Domain Hotel at about 2 and collected my photos, and had a chat with Mo, the art show maven. She tells me Contact may take a year off again.

Other stuff I did in the morning included studying lines, and trying to figure out if the very nice Synology software can do an incremental backup. Looks like it can't. Bummer. I need backup software that can take advantage of the 1Gbps transfer rate. Put all 500 slides from the last scan back into the folders.

Home at 3:30, had a late lunch, studied more lines, re-filled the bird feeder, sat out on the porch until it got into full sun. Ignored Domino's yells for treats because she pooped outside the box, this time right next to it.

Took out the garbage & recyclables, this time all the cardboard fit into the bin. Put into folders the 100+ slides from the first scan which were actually from 15 years earlier, and put into another folder the 50 or so not related to my Asia trips. This all in the 3rd bedroom. So now one can walk the length without stepping on slides or albums.

6:30 or a little before, drove to the theater, hung out in the park by the pond, and watched the two swans. And wondered why they seemed to stay in almost the same place. And why they didn't seem to be made of feathers. And how come there was a ring around the base of their necks where their heads moved. Turns out they are plastic. Probably there to scare away the Canada Geese.

I need to go there with my 300mm lens, the phone camera zoom is useless.

Sit 7 Sing with the band. The WAY TOO LOUD band. The SM eventually gave us a few mikes to share, but he didn't turn the monitor up enough to make a difference. The band is pretty good, and most of the tunes we only needed to do once. But since we didn't start till almost 8, we didn't get out till 9:30.

Home, made elbow macaroni, with chopped up sausage, and melted some sharp cheddar & swiss on top. Fudge brownie ice cream for dessert because my Hgl was down to 69.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Lots of typing & cutting and pasting
Rehearsal. He thinks we will run Act 1 2x, without books. He is dreaming.
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