Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Backing Up The Phone

It's late, and I really should be shooting up and getting ready for bed, but one of those "while I'm at its" triggered my OCD. There's a photo on my phone from rehearsals which needs to be Photoshopped before I post it, which means transferring it to the PC first. On my to-do list for weeks has been moving all my phone photos to the PC. So guess what I'm doing?

Rehearsals were a cluster again. Director has absolutely no concept of time management. And he keeps stopping us to tweak micro details. I had to run a set of 8 of my lines about a dozen times because he wanted the piano chord played after each line to be perfect. And that was one of the less time-consuming things. We tried on costumes before rehearsals, well, actually starting at the time rehearsals were supposed to begin. And he needed to pass judgment on each one separately. So a 7 pm "run Act II twice" turned into a single run followed by notes which ended at 10:20. None of the notes were for me, and he could just as easily have emailed them. Grrr. I needed that second run, and now won't get it till Tuesday.

Work was kind of fun, there's a European TV thing called teletext, and I got to play a bunch of video streams with that embedded and play with nuances of it I had no idea existed. And then wrote a document for the team with lots of screen captures. Tomorrow I need to apply that to test cases.

Plans for tomorrow:
All-dance rehearsal :-(


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