Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Stuff Got Done, slowly

Forced myself to stay in bed till 10. Made a quick trip to my favorite neighborhood produce store for limes, but all they had were stunted ones, for 59¢ each, so I only bought 4. Also got their last can of stuffed grape leaves. They had some good looking strawberries on sale 2 baskets for $5 to I bought a pair. Snacked on a few when I got home.

1 pm the guy from AN Construction came by to see what bathroom remodel I had in mind, and he will email an estimate tomorrow. I probably will not go with him as he has only one online recommendation and it's a one-liner. But he did give me some good news - the wall next to the shower which I was afraid might not be movable is definitely not load-bearing. Exactly what I want to have built can be.

Watched Tivo and played online until it was time to go to the theater. Domino stayed nearby a lot, actually head butted me to get petted a few times.

Tonight was Cue-to-cue for Act 1. As expected we were way late getting started, and the director kept interrupting to make major changes. This after several "paper tech" sessions with the lighting director. It should have all been finalized except for some minor tweaks where the set got in the way.

Remember how I mentioned that the SM had meticulously measured out and taped the outline of the set for each rehearsal? Well, it was WAY out of whack. The set pieces are a lot bigger and at different angles.

The crew did a pretty good job, but they seemed to be one person short. No one was missing, they just needed another body.

We got out of there at about 10:30, which is okay for a full show Q2Q, but sucks lemons for a one act. Act 2 is a lot shorter.

After all the director's moaning and groaning that my Big Number had to be perfect because lighting was going to follow us, we only ran the first and last minutes of it. Jesus on a landmine!

I really like the splash screen which opens the show.

Plans for tomorrow:
Act 2 Q2Q

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