Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another late update

The cold was still a major bother for me yesterday. I had made a huge pot of chicken soup, which was waiting on the stove when I got home. Heated it up, and had a couple of bowls full. Breyer's thin mint ice cream chaser. In bed by 9:30. To add to the discomfort, it was 80° in the bedroom, thanks to double pane windows and a very warm day. I cranked the ceiling fan up a notch which helped some.

Before heading for bed I decanted the soup into 4 bowl-sized storage containers and one large ceramic bowl, and made room for those in the fridge. Some need to go into the freezer. And I need more of those containers - or something better because I've destroyed several in the microwave.

Domino had pooped in the hallway again, despite a freshly changed litterbox, so the bedroom door had to be kept closed. She'd poop in there if I left it open.

Slept well, but in small doses - maybe an hour or so at a time. 1-2 am I was on the Kindle Fire, but it doesn't play flash videos so had to switch to the Nexus. I will probably be sending the Fire back, again. All things considered the Nexus is better. The only thing the Fire does better is power up faster.

Played with the Internet radio looking for news stations which were not call-in, not Glenn Beck, not illiterate Southern accents. I've had to ditch the local and DC CBS stations because they repeat several times an hour the most obnoxious commercials. Karz 4 Kids (DC) and a couple of ones for a home hospice service with voice talent that has a slightly Irish accent, and tries to reach the "in my family we never ask for help" crowd. Tried CNN but got commercials for Cialis.

Enough for this morning - time to shower, shave and go to work.

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