Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Turds Day

Literally. Domino pooped in front of the carport door, inside. I stepped in it while wrestling 40 lbs of bird seed into the house which UPS had dumped on the landing, breaking the tape all around the box.
Also totally screwed up my Big Number at tonight's performance. The whole show night started out wrong, they had not told me that Thursday shows were half an hour early, so I left work at my usual 6, and waited till 6:25 to go inside. Cast call was 6. :-(

The Big Number was off from the beginning, the piano was rushing, then when the tango started the drummer took off for the 6th dimension. We finally got back on track during the last verse, and got the dip in okay, but it was a mess. This is the second time the drummer was off, out of 4 shows.

I guess my small number also started off out of sync, the director is on piano, he forgets to stop vamping when I start to sing.

The rest of the show went okay.

Small but LOUDLY enthusiastic audience.

Plans for tomorrow:
Show at 8.
Maybe Karaoke with the cast after

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