Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Excellent Day

Took the hedge trimmer out for a trial run this morning, and hacked at the hedge in front of the house. Got it looking not ragged. Was unable to do the ones on the far side of the house because there are no outlets here and the cord is only 25'. Maybe I'll look for a cordless. Or buy a longer cord.

Got to the Farmer's market at noon, found my youngest sister and her hubby right away. We went to DishDash for kebabs and chatted for a long time, then drove to the house. On the way there my next younger sister phoned, so after I gave to tour of the house I called her back and we all speakerphoned until she had to hang up and bake something.

Spent the afternoon chatting with sis & husband while Domino alternately made the rounds and perched where she could keep an eye on us and the bird feeder. At one point I needed to take out the Audubon bird book so they could look up what was at the feeder. A finch which is not native to where they are from (Olympic Peninsula). They even said the seagulls are different here. I pointed out that they had Puget Sound gulls while we have Baygulls. And out feed at the sewage treatment facility and the landfill.

At about 5 they took off to get a picnic lunch and possibly eat it at the park near the theater. I went online just long enough to find out I am stuck with the dozen bags of coffee flavored "caramels" I'd bought online (I thought I was buying caramel flavor) and to nuke a comment I made on the Little Shop Facebook page which garnered rude comments from cast members who ought to have hit "like". They were saying that my comment was better to be told privately to the stage manager, but their responses ironically would have been better to have either privately messaged me or told me personally.

Thence to the theater, where we had the biggest audience yet. The show went well, except for some feedback and high frequency noise from the sound system. And the band was WAY too loud, Again. Very odd audience reactions. Major laughs at all the laugh lines, but hardly any applause after each number. At the curtain calllots of applause for each character but it wasn't sustained through our 2 company bows. Huge applause again for the band, but they had mostly run out of steam for out final company bow.

After the show I introduced sis & husband to everyone in the cast (I missed the Dentist, though, he had his own posse there, and was sneaking off to host a birthday party for one of the younger (19) chorus girls).

Reheated lasagna and dolmathes for dinner, plus a sourdough English muffin with a bit of olive + blood orange oil which was part of a housewarming gift from sister. Very interesting taste, olive oil with a slight orange overtone. She picked up two types at the farmer's market. The other is balsamic strawberry.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much. Recover from tonight, head for the theater at 12:45. 2:30 show.
Maybe do some more gardening.

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