Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Still recovering from yesterday.

Work was good, only half an hour for the team meeting, the usual loudmouth had very little to say. Automation Guy is on vacation so no demo from me. Good thing, I spent most of the afternoon finding an automation machine which had the pieces I needed, and then honing the demo to work there. I'm ready for Thursday.

Lunch was Starbucks, croissant, morning bun & green tea (iced). Many redheads. Many cute butts. Many more not so cute.

Home after work, the new telescope had arrived and I had time to assemble it. The AC adapter is not here yet and the computer cable they recommended is all wrong. USB to RS232 doesn't fit into an RJ45 connector. I may use the Windows 8 laptop as a controller when I get the right connector. Meanwhile it does run on batteries which I have installed.

But tonight is overcast so I can't do the alignment. Also need to find my GPS location and punch that in. The scope is on a computerized motorized mount, very snazzy. A bit larger than the previous one, allegedly much brighter and more magnification. I already have the camera adapters, those are on there right now, but I'll start with the low power eyepiece as a reality check.

BASFA meeting was sparsely attended, maybe 2/3 of the core group plus two or three transients. I gave Little Shop a glowing review and at least 3 people are planning on coming. Yay!

Home, Domino was scrunched up under the folded up exercise bike, looking like she was hiding. Very strange. I checked for unwelcome gifts but found none. Even stranger.

Plans for tomorrow:

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