Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boy Am I Sore

As always after this show. My Big Number is a major bit of exercise for me, and I'm on my feet for maybe 60% of the show.

Tonight was a downright huge crowd for a Thursday, apparently many of our victims were a visiting school class.

My numbers all went superbly well, but others had several costume malfunctions and the leading man drew blood when the blood-eating plant puppet he was operating sprung a wire.

As an added surprise, the music director's rabbi and his wife met me in the lobby after the show to tell me they had just visited my sister who lives in Israel. And they liked the show. Also there were two friends from basfa, dprisoner and his wife, whose LJ handle I don't seem to have. Great to see them too.

Work was fun, I gave a demo of a couple of automation scripts working together with Excel which went flawlessly, and after the demo I got a very loud round of applause. Surprised me.

Plans for tomorrow:
8 pm curtain

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