Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Good Day

Well, work wasn't so great, total waste of time meeting was hijacked by one of the team who doesn't understand that the test case database and the bug report database have very different formats, and tried to shove the former's into th latter's for the upcoming product.

Got a call from an HP rep because I had downloaded a free eval copy of HP's network management software which one of our customers was having problems using with out software. Told him I'm not buying it, have no authority to even recommend it. And told him two free products which work just as well for all my testing.

I did manage to get far enough into the installation process to confirm that the problem is in HP's connection to a database.
It was raining this morning and on and off all day. Great for the roses and the strip garden.

Large audience for the show tonight, including a friend with whom I have been onstage at least twice. He and his date parked themselves right where they could be my targets during the finale where I sing "They may offer you lots of cheap thrills" and "Look out, here I come for you!" That was fun. My Big Number got a lot of applause and laughs all the way through. Music director's little girls handed out lovely flower-shaped thank you cards. They are so sweet, those two.

Home, am ignoring Domino who pooped in two different places yesterday, despite a freshly cleaned litterbox. No treats, not canned food, and the bedroom door is closed, as it was last night. Checking the webcams during the show, she was parked in front of the bedroom door for a while. Bizarre because she knows I'm not in there. Or she ought to.

After I save this I need a snack, and then some sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
9-10 am visit from Fuzzy Mobile Home Services to get an estimate on the bathroom remodel and replacing the kitchen sink.
If it isn't raining too hard, do some more gardening.
6 pm cast call so we can do a cast photo before the house opens. I forget why. We did one before we started this tun, but I don't think I ever saw it.
8 pm curtain
The Voice of the Plant is hosting a party. I am not going. It will be loud and childish.

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