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Going to Oregon Sunday. One show-stopper in my project there last time was their lack of a TV set with RCA input connectors into which I could plug the cable box. Another was the total crap bluetooth headset I had with me, which sounded like walking through a tunnel knee-deep in candy wrappers. So I went to Fry's in search of a BT headset and a small flat-screen TV-like object similar to a Sony Watchman, except smaller and with inputs.

Fry's did not have the Jabra headset I wanted, but they had a cool-looking Plantronics one for a mere $20 more, so I bought that. After searching the three sections of the store which might have a mini TV, the closest I found were portable DVD players. The ones for $99 were within the price my company would have reimbursed me for, but (as is common at Fry's) the units on display did not match the units in the boxes for sale, and the units in the boxes were either too expensive, did not have inputs, or they required an input cable only available from the manufacturer.

So I bought the headset and hopped in the car and headed down to El Camino to Good Guys. I'd already checked radio Shack, they wanted too much for the 5" and 7" screen hand-held TV sets, and a 2.5" would be too small for what I needed. They also wanted too much for their portable DVD players. After 20 minutes of hitting every stop light there was, and being trapped behind people who should have been ticketed for Driving While Slow, I get to Good Guys and the store is closed. Permanently. With a sign saying the nearest one was San Jose.

So I did a U-turn and went to Circuit City (which I had passed along the way) and picked up exactly what I was looking for in the form of a cheap DVD player with all the connectors included, for about $100.

Tonight's adventure will be to go to my friend Marilyn's and see if some PC-3200 RAM which I pulled out of my former PC will work in her Dell Dimension 2350 which now has PC-2100. The plan is to double the amount of memory so her machine isn't at a crawl. Right now it is taking 10 minutes to open a Word doc. Last visit we rand spybot and Trend Micro virus scan and adaware, and her machine was almost completely clean. Also re-installed Office XP for her, but that didn't help at all. Meanwhile, when she downloads and installs Microsoft updates, she gets all kinds of errors, and like most non-geek users, she always clicks on the wrong things and gets her PC into an even worse state.

Somewhere in there we'll go out for dinner. Note to bigcatroary - she wants more children photos. Especially of a tube-less George IV.

Time to go.

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