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Full Day

Woke up at 8 to take out the month's collection of Diet Coke cans to the curb for the homeowners' association recycle program. I buy the sodas at work, and while we have a recycle bin people throw all sorts of non-recyclable trash in there, I know we don't really recycle, so I bring the empties home each night. A month's worth is about $2.50 in redemption fees.

Stayed up waiting for "Fuzzy" to drop by to check out what I want done to the bathroom. Turns out that he is not, as I expected, an old bearded geezer, he is a very young-looking clen-shaven middle aged Mediterranean Muslim from Trinidad. Nice guy, listened well then made some suggestions which would have made sense if I didn't love the existing tub and the sun shone at night (I want electric lights, he suggested skylights instead). The plan for the bathroom is to take out the tiny shower and the vanity/sink next to it and replace that with a 5-foot-wide shower with separate hot and cold knobs, and a light inside.

Also on the list is to replace the kitchen sink with an undivided one with separate hot and cold and a tall swan-neck faucet. Good for big objects like cookie sheets and canning pot.

We also talked about replacing the carport steps with a ramp, but he claims every inch of height requires a foot of length, which sounds very wrong to me. But we settled on adding 2 more steps and reducing the height per step by about 1/3.

He also dissed the construction of the siding, the quality and color of the paint job, and pointed out some dry rot which I will have to contact the realtor about (it was supposed to have been taken care of pre-sale). If he does a good and affordable job on the bathroom & sink, I'll have him wash the place and repaint it. I have to talk with the park manager about colors and such.

After he left I took a nap. Up at about 1, took a trip to Lowe's and bought a flat of ice plant for $10, a yellow rose on a stick (tree) for $25 and 10 strawberry plants in plantable pots for $3 each.

Home, planted the rose tree first, took a breather and then dug up two 6-packs of strawberries in plastic which I had tried to cheat and plant without taking them out of the plastic, and replanted the 8 of those which had survived. And planted 7 or the new ones. Iceplant and the remaining 3 strawberries will have to wait. Maybe tomorrow but more likely later in the week after work.

It has turned cold again, I re-lit the pilot light and turned the thermostat program back on.

In the mail was a note that Sunnyvale is going to raise the water, sewer and garbage rates. If we don't pay, they will stop delivering water, sewage and garbage.

Took 90 minutes to sit in front of the fan in the recliner with lime soda. Then went to the theater.

Stage manager took cast & company photos, which should have been done on preview night. Last weekend two nights were recorded on video, no one has said if/when we can get DVDs. This is a show I want to have a copy of.

The show went okay, it was not one of our best, and I blame the bizarre audience. Usually Saturday crowds are big applauders. This audience didn't applaud the opening number, and had to be kickstarted on several others. Part of that is the stage manager is way too quick to move scenery and signal the band to go ahead instead of waiting for applause. However, my Big Number got a lot of applause, partly because it was really good tonight but also because it is just Seymour and me, and we both know enough to freeze at the end, wait for the applause to die down, and then move. The band comes in too quickly, so we don't get all the applause we earned, but better than nothing.

The final applause was loud, it flagged a bit when the band was pointed to, but came back up for the final bow.

Several old friends from shows in the 80s and 90s were there, so I was one of the last ones out of the lobby after. The crew wanted to close up, so I waited till I came home to take off my makeup. Took a shower, made wings and veggies for dinner, ice cream for dessert.

The Voice of the plant is hosting a cast party, but he lives in a small upstairs apartment, was making a big deal about how much booze he has on hand, even though many of the attendees are under 18, let alone 21. And it will be too loud and cramped.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe plant some more
Definitely be at the theater by 1 pm. 2:30 show
Help strike the set
If I'm still upright, go to the cast party at the producer's house (where I auditioned).

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