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Slept till 10, did nothing productive, watched some Shark Tank, made brunch - four steamed BBQ pork buns (Thai = salapow, Chinese = Cha Siu Bao).

Off to the theater at 12:30, 15 minutes early for cast call. Waited for someone to open the door.

Sundays always start late, mostly because the crew doesn't have to rebuild the set.

This was our biggest audience yet, probably 30 empty seats. Hard to tell because it's festival seating. It was so nice to have critical mass for laughs.

My Big Number was a huge hit, and I still want to slap the music director for starting up before we milked the applause.

They applauded when I was eaten by the plant.

After the show my lobby visit was very short, nobody I knew was there, except for one of the ushers. The audience practically ran out of the theater - it takes me maybe 2 minutes to take off my mike and walk to the lobby, and the auditorium was empty by the time I arrived.

Strike after the show, I got to carry some stuff out to the dock and help load the truck, but there were far more people helping than they needed. Got done by 6. After-party at 7, but even going out of my way for a Safeway stop to get goodies, I was still 10 minutes early. Everyone else was fashionably late, having gone to dinner at some Mexican place, among other things.

Everyone showed up from the cast and crew, the choreographer, drummer and the synth player (who works where I do) did not show. The hostess was one of the co-producers, she has a big beautiful house with a huge front and back yards, and two buildings behind the house which look like people may live in them. I didn't ask. And she had 5 chihuahua type dogs which bark when someone comes to the door, but are very friendly once you are inside. And two very shy cats. She is a major proponent of animal rescue.

She had a very large spread of munchies, and guests added to it.

During the party I chatted with the director. He has no clue, nor did I give him one, that I really don't want to work with him ever again. He's co-directing the next show, which is funny because it's A Chorus Line and he is disabled in a way that makes it impossible for him to walk straight, let alone dance. Even when he was abled (in a show we did in the 1980s) he couldn't dance.

As expected it was a loud party, with the usual loudmouths, and a couple of people who become screechers when alcohol is added. I stayed till about 9:30, when they set up the karaoke, because this group doesn't have the consideration to shut up and listen when it's not their turn to sing. Lucky for me the crew took that as their cue to leave, so it paved the way for me.

Home, took out the garbage, took my blood sugar measurement and it was way high as I thought it would be because I forgot to shoot up before the party. Also saw I had forgotten to take my daily meds this morning. That happens when I wake up late.

Took a shower, made myself a lime soda, caught up on email and Facebook.  Updated my FB cover to a non-show one. and profile photo to a close-up in the dressing room.

Plans for tomorrow:
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