Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Maybe before midnight

Has a Hgl reading of 63 at 4 am. Woke up soaked in sweat. Ate two Klondike bars to recover. Back to bed, slept till 9:15. VPNed into work to say I was running late, but managed to get there by 10:30.

On the way, Fuzzy called, he was upset that I did not want to do all $9k worth of work, which he should not have been because I told him up front all I was doing was the kitchen sink and the shower. Looked him up online, he is not a BBB member. His license is valid and his bond is up to daye, but he has one fine for doing work without the required permit. He kept saying none of the work I want done needs a permit, which didn't sound right. So I called the city, they said they don't require a permit on anything for a mobile home, but the state might. Doesn't look like the state does either.

Called the park office, arranged for a chat with the manager tomorrow morning.

Not much work, so I read docs and made suggestions for teammates' proposed test cases. One guy's English is so bad I couldn't stand reading it.

Popped the telescope CDs into the work machine and found out what I needed to know. Applying it will have to wait until tomorrow because

After work I went to dinner at the sourdough place, and then to the local comedy club to see my ex-director headline the new talent contest. I thought he was going to be the MC because he's good at that, instead there was an annoying woman in a too-short leather skirt who kept yelling at us. There were 11 alleged comics, I thought 4 were good enough to go to the finals, and 1 would have been except he had no routine. He of course won. (the audience voted by secret-ish ballot). Of the 3 finalists, I had only voted for 1.

Nobody did anything political. It was all sex jokes and self-deprecating humor. Alleged humor. Alleged jokes. I did not laugh a lot. Ex-director started with his craptastic faux retard character, which I find insulting because he's better than that. But he brought down the house at the end by bringing up a friend, and they exchanged porno descriptions to go with mainstream movie titles. For example, "Fred (not his real name) stars in a movie about Asian anal sex, Pacific Rim".

Plans for tomorrow:
10 am appointment with park manager to chat about house remodeling, etc
Home, try to set up computer/telescope. It is expected to be 90° plus tomorrow. It's still 70+ at midnight.

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