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Slept well, woke up before the alarm, remembered I didn't have to be anywhere till 10, but got showered and dressed anyway.

10 o'clock meeting with the park manager, Mr. D, who confirmed that no permits are needed from the city to do anything to a mobile home, and gave me a matrix of what the state requires, which I already saw online, but he nailed it with the announcement that any licensed contractor will know if a permit is required. I had checked Fuzzy's license and bond, both were current. Mr. D. also told me that for the steps redo project he needs a rough sketch from the contractor, and he showed me a Kelly Moore color palette of The Usual house colors, none of which really appealed to me. No blue.

So on my way to work I left voicemail for Fuzzy saying he should write up a contract for only the indoor work, and include the terms. The one he left looked like he expected 100% up front, which isn't going to happen. CA says 10% is usual.

Got to work in plenty of time for the Automation meeting. The loudmouth was not there, having gone to be by his bride's side as she plops a baby into the world. As a result the meeting only took 20 minutes, but there were other things to talk about so Boss stretched it to fill the hour.

And we have another meeting tomorrow. :-(

Lunch was at Denny's because I thought the paint store which just opened next to it was Kelly Moore, but it was Sherwin Williams. After lunch I went to Kelly Moore, which was about 3 blocks away, on the way to work. Picked up a couple of more recent paint palettes. It seems blue is no longer an exterior color, the only blues they have are for indoors. WTF?

After work, nails appointment for 6:30, but I got there 15 minutes early. They took me in 3 minutes. This is a new place to me, but Yelp gives it 4.5 stars with 400+ reviews. It's a narrow store front, but deep. Maybe 6 pedicure and manicure stations, a waxing room, rest room and a break room. Middle aged Vietnamese woman named Minh did the honors. She is no artist, but deliberate and careful, and she did a good job. I'll know in 2 weeks if the quality is up to par. I switched again this time because three out of three times at the other place one of my nails broke within a week. Sometimes 2. And they were turning brown which means they used cheap acrylic. Not good for the most expensive shop in town.

Home, major project was to pack up the in-dash unit which sold on eBay. This was its second go - first time the asshole who won the bid (I told him not to bid if he didn't do his research) made a phony excuse about it not being able to fit in his truck. I knew I could get the same price on a re-listing, so did the routine where I ask eBay to ask him to cancel the transaction, whcih he did, so I got it re-listed for free. This time it went for $100 more, and the buyer didn't ask any questions until after the auction was over. It was more along the lines of whether he needed to buy the frame and bezel, which he does. He doesn't get it that those are unique to the vehicle he is installing it into.   Anyway, that's in a flat rate USPS box, insured. labeled and ready to mail in the morning. New house is pretty close to the post office.

Next project was a choice between messing with the telescope or making business cards. It was too late to mess with the scope, so I built and printed 30 business cards for work, because sometimes people want something more Professional™ than my highly amusing personal card. Took a break for dinner and then re-tooled and created a new! improved! business card for my photography. Irony here, one of my better photos of a pretty redhead model is in the background of the card, but the original design had "photographer" pretty much blocking her eyes. It dawned on me that the word was redundant, since the photo is obviously a sample of my work and not my picture, and the info on the card includes my Model Mayhem and Flickr info. Removing the word made for a much more attractive card. Printed 30 of those too.

The reason for 30 is this:

At first I printed 10, and put 5 in my wallet. But the rubber band was too strong for the other 5, it made them bend, so I printed 2 more sheets so 25 would withstanbd the ravages of the rubber band, and fit neatly into my desk drawer. Okay, I just tossed them in among the flotsam.

So that's where we are now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Park next door to work because (a) we just officially put the company sign up in the building next door, and (b) they are re-paving our parking lot.
Work, including another team meeting and my weakly report
Maybe hang out at Starbucks. Haven't done that after work in a long time.


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