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Lunatic Fringe

Took this last night with the new Celestron 130 XLT telescope with Nikon D300S directly attached via an adapter tube with a -2x lens. The theory from Celestron support was I previously was seeing nothing through the scope when directly connected, even though I saw a very close-up image through a 4mm telescope lens, was the camera was too close to the scope to focus, and the Barlow would make it like it was 2x further. The side effect was that instead of getting the full magnification I was expecting, I got the square root of it. To add to the disappointment is the tripod & mount shook horribly, I had to wait half a minute for the image to stabilize, and even then it was still shaking a little. The only good news is the telescope has a wide aperture so I could use a relatively fast 1/100th shutter speed. As it turns out, the adapter I was using had no lens at all, and it needs one to focus anything. There was plenty of depth left on the focus mechanism that I am sure I can use something like a 9mm in there and get good results.

But for now I'm bummed. It took way too long to get this paltry result. And in the long run the computer control is a crock, as is the spotting scope, which is off by miles. In order to get this shot I had to start with a 25mm (wide) eyepiece to get the moon in the frame, then a 9mm to get it more centered, and then a 4mm for super close-up centering (the moon looks 10x this size with the 4mm) and then remove the eyepiece and insert the camera/adapter combo.

It will be a while before I try again.

Sunday was a relaxathon. Slept till 10, played on the Internet, managed not to buy anything. Lunch was a couple of steamed pork buns and an English muffin, sourdough, sliced in half and topped with swiss & American cheese also in the steamer.

3-ish drove to Mountain View and bought a half-priced Frap. Janice joined me at 4. We chatted till 6. She wants me to mentor a boy she has been doing some nanny work with. The story is she is an AA mentor, one of the women she sponsors has twins (a girl and a boy), and Janice has been babysitting them and taking them to the park and movies and such for a few years. At first it was so the woman could have time with her husband, and then after there was the divorce, and a few months ago he had a heart attack and died. He was a NASA scientist, and now his son has no one to answer the tough questions. To make things interesting, son is on meds for ADHD and Asberger's. Son is too smart for Janice - she doesn't know the answers to a lot of his science questions.

I'm not the person to ask. I was just like Son as a kind. Way too smart for the people around me, genius father who was too strict, asocial, and if they had invented it I would have been ADHD and Asberger's and several varying flavors of autistic. Lucky for me my mom was smart, and had books which had the answers to my questions and wasn't afraid to look them up, and show me how to do the same.

It would help, I told Janice, if the kid had a tablet or a laptop, and shown how to ask his questions to Dr. Google and St. Yahoo.

Dinner was a heated up smoked turkey drumstick and some steamed veggies.

Watched two episodes of Elementary, the first two of the season. I have 6 more to catch up. It continues to be better written, but they have introduced a poor man's Bob Hoskins as a very annoying character named Lestrade. This is a fellow who is a wanna-be Scotland Yarder, but he doesn't have the smarts, so he takes credit for others' work. In the original Sherlock Holmes, of course, Lestrade is Sherlock's point of contact at Scotland Yard, is a very competent cop whose only fault is thinking way inside the box. One thing both the TV and book characters have in common besides the name is they are ferret-faced.

Other than this horrible misuse of Lestrade, I am continuing to like the show more and more.
In other news, all the four new iceplant flats I planted yesterday have produced some bright orange flowers, which closed up by the time I got back from Mountain View. Very pretty, and surprising that just watering them would do that.

I also re-sprayed some of the cracks where weeds have sprouted, I went too easy on them yesterday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Be lazy. Read. Maybe go to BASFA, maybe not.

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