Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Truly boring

Just writing this to mark time.

Work was work. Spent all day tagging test cases to the spec which called for them, and discovered they all might have been removed from the spec after I wrote them.

Lunch at China China, the Korean buffet. Instead of repairing their soft serve machine, they removed the chocolate. :-(

Took a closer look at the work parking lot which allegedly took all weekend to repair and re-stripe. Awful sloppy re-stripe job, no repairs at all, they just sprayed a thin coat of sealer on top of the badly damaged lot.

Janice had recommended the Midsomer Murder mystery books, so I got the oldest two which are available on Kindle.

USPS tried to deliver the eBay item that bozo had complained might not get to him by Friday, and no one was home to sign for it.

Very blustery all day, chilly too, so dinner was oven time - frozen fried clam strips reheated. Dessert was sliced fresh strawberries under coffee ice cream.

Wrote a long story w/old photo on FB about how sticky rice and mangoes killed a famous Thai Army general.

Watched two more episodes of Elementary. Still think the leading man plays it too quirky, and Lucy Liu is wearing much sexier outfits. Four more to go.

Plans for tomorrow:
Who knows?  

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