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Why Isn't It Friday Yet?

Not much doing at work, so I phoned Miss Cleo for guidance on writing my 2014 goals. Normally these would have been asked for 5 months ago, or maybe 6, but the new company had some challenges merging us into their system.

I was able to show more than 50% of my goals completed simply by looking at my notes & databases and entering the things I've already done this year. The rest is a crap shoot, because we are a month away from having actual hardware for the new product, and I've done all I can do until we get that. There will be a wee bit of maintenance on older models, but I figure that at about 1% of the year's work.

Tomorrow I have a 1-on-1 with the boss, we can chat about it then.

Lunch took me to Dusita Thai,where this happened:
I was "grayng jaied" big time today. Grayng jai (เกรงใจ) is a Thai cultural concept which translates as "to be afraid of offending someone". It goes like this:
A asks B if B would like something
B says "no thanks"
A "knows" B is just being polite so
A gives the thing to B

Their menu is all English. When I ordered in Thai, the waitress apologized and said they usually make that dish mild, not spicy, but if I wanted she would make it spicy for me. I said "no thanks, please make it mild".

My first bite killed half my taste buds, melted my sinuses, and opened all my tear ducts.

Waitress "knew" that since I ordered in Thai, I wanted the dish made the Thai way, no matter what I said. That's grayng jai.

Five hours later, my nose has stopped running, and I can almost taste again.

Quick stop at Lowe's after work for a better watering can and some Miracle Grow. Mixed some MG into the can and fed all the new plants. The strawberries are starting to look a bit the worse for wear, as well as two of the rose bushes. The iceplant looks healthy but I dosed them anyway.

In the mail was an application from the County Assessor for homeowner's exemption. Puzzling, because a couple of weeks ago he sent me a notice that my property was re-assessed and is just about doubling, and it showed the exemption already in there. But it seems that was the previous owner's exemption, I needed to ask for a new one for me.

This morning as I was going into the work building, Fuzzy called. I was going to call him as soon as I was settled in, because I left a message Thursday morning and had not heard back. He said he will drop off a revised contract by Thursday, but he waffled a LOT when I asked approximately when the work might begin.

Caught up on one more episode of Elementary. This one was not as well written as usual. The main premise is that some prison dentist had made a bunch of dentures for different people based on one prisoner's healthy teeth. It's just not done that way, he says after wearing dentures for you don't need to know how long. The teeth don't come from the imprint, only the base does. The teeth are individual pieces, put in by hand one by one, not as a set. No two people would have exactly the same bite if they are wearing different dentures, even if the base was from the same impression, which it would not be. TMI.

8 pm, went to my massage appointment. It was kind of Meh. But worth getting out of the house for.

Plans for tomorrow:


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