Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

In Brief

Useless automation meeting
Boss canceled all today's 1-on-1 meetings to take half a day off for his daughter. I'm not sure if I buy that. Yesterday he took half a day to be Mr. Mom. Things are changing, maybe one of those things is his job.

Lunch at China Stix. Construction continues, making it a huge shopping center again Real Soon Now.

Home, watched some of the NFL draft. Boring. Glad I had it on Tivo and could FF. Happy that "Johnny Football" sat unclaimed for 21 rounds. He is tiny for a QB, and will be crushed in the NFL. If he even gets a chance to play.

Off to YOTB rehearsal. I missed the first 3 because of Little Shop which means I also missed getting some music, so had to sit out two numbers. Which may be why my lip is not bleeding.

Was about the call Fuzzy and call off the project because he had promised to get me a contract by today, and I didn't see one. Found it by accident under the welcome mat by the carport door. I still need to call him to find out when the work will be done. I know there will be a wait, I need to know a time frame.

Plans for tomorrow:
Leave a little early, go to SJAA basic telescopes workshop. I get to sit in, they are all booked for telescopes, and he said I should leave mine at home. I'll probably learn something I don't already know.
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