Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Back To Work

Some projects came up which I had been waiting for, I got to watch AMC's Matrix Marathon, as much of it as I could stand, to see if our new direct feed was clean. It wasn't. It was better than what we had from the satellite, but not enough of an improvement to be able to run QA testing against.

And yet another non-company product to test which customers want to use to put video onto our boxes. The company has blocked the site where it can be downloaded, so I'll spend some time in the morning doing that from home. I can do all the testing from here, I think.

90° outside at 6 pm, I went straight home, opened all the doors and some windows and turned the fan on. It was only 85 inside.

Fast forwarded through the NFL draft, stopped after Michael Sam was drafted. He was one of the last taken. Looking at videos of his play, and listening to the commentary, he doesn't seem to be that good, especially for the position he plays. His order in the draft seemed more based on his performance than on his sexual preference. Of course the mainstream media will spin it, has spun it the other way. In the final analysis, he was taken by his home town team, which placed last in their division last year. It seems a good fit.

Played the last two episodes of Elementary which were on Tivo. It has turned into a soap opera. Very sad. I think this was the final one of the season, and it was a cliffhanger, with To Be Continued stamped boldly between the lines.

Plans for tomorrow:
Find ffmpeg online, see if it will convert a JPEG into an MPEG transport stream which can be uploaded to our box.
??? if it is hot, maybe see a movie. 

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