Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Fun With Slates

This morning started with a wee bit of WFH, just enough to download ffmpeg from the company-blocked site, try it out, read enough of the html docs to know I wasn't going to master it in my lifetime. Took it and my photos from SBA to work on a thumb drive, was unsuccessful making it work with our box.

Lunch at Carl's because it's the closest eatery, and it was 95° outside. At work the aircon is cranking well, and I have a desk fan to help it out. Many of the places I usually go for lunch are not cooled.

Back at work, the guy who foisted ffmpeg on us came by to show me how to use his scripts, which did not work for me when I tried them on the command line (ffmpeg is a command line app). Turns out it works well with drag & drop.

Got it to convert one of my jpegs into a movie which our box could play.

To do this right, now I need to make movies from 50 different photos, in three different sizes. Which means batch converting them to those sizes. Easy to do in Photoshop (I ran a quick test on 720x480 which worked). Then those 150 files plus the 50 originals go onto a thumb drive, and get uploaded to the box, but not all at once. First test will be 30 at the smallest size. Final test will be 50 at the largest size, if none of the tests break the box first.

I may get it done tomorrow, but maybe not.

Because it was so hot, I decided it was shopping day, because I was running low on things I usually get at Costco and on Breyers ice cream, which I had a coupon for at Safeway. Electronic coupon, added to my card by their app.

Home, decided not to water the plants. Still too hot. I don't think the strawberries are going to make it, and one of the mint plants is shriveling up. The iceplant seems to be thriving. some of them are even flowering.

Lots of junk in the mailbox today, including stuff for the former owner who obviously did not submit a change of address to the USPS. Also a couple of pieces for people who have never lived here.

Put away the grocs, opened some windows and turned on the fans, but it's still in the 80s in here.

Watched the last two episodes of Shark Tank, and had a very expensive dinner. Meant to only eat half the 3-flavors lox package, but killed off all but a few pieces. And about a dozen olives. Three glasses of lime juice in Sodastream soda water with lots of ice. Finished off the two Breyers containers, which was about 4 scoops. Had to make room for the two new ones.

Updated Windows and Evernote.

Plans for tomorrow:
To work after lunch
YOTB rehearsal will be very warm
Tags: food, gardening, photography, photoshop, shopping, work

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