Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Why Am I Still Up?

Oh yeah, Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsals. 7:30-9:30. He had us play all the ones with high notes. I need a lip replacement. Did not help that I forgot the Fixodent.

Started the morning naked in front of the computer setting up PhotoShop to do some work from home which I don't have the tools for at the office. And I already had a macro to handle the most difficult part.

Here's what I was doing:

The testing required at least 30 different high-quality landscape format JPG photos to be resized to the standard video sizes -
And I also wanted to overlay text telling the size of the image. Two reasons for this, one is so it's easy to demonstrate the test, and also to make my photos un-stealable.
1. Open a 4288x2848 JPEG
2. Change the width to the desired size, maintaining aspect ratio
3. Change the canvas size to match the desired height
4. Save the file to a directory for that size
(do this for 50 images in all 3 sizes)
5. Create an image in that size with a transparent background. This will be the base of the overlay
6. Add text with the size. Center it & make it embossed (raised lettering)
7. Select and copy that to the clipboard
8. Run my "signature overlay" macro (the one I use for signing my work before printing it for art shows)
(do this for all 3 sizes)

Somewhere between batch runs, I took a shower & got dressed. The results went onto a thumb drive which I took to work. I had started early, and wasn't much later to the office than usual.

Spent about half the day dragging and dropping those images onto batch files which converted them the MPEG4 videos. I uploaded 30 of them (this had to be done one by one as well) to the test machine. Then I had to create some muxes, assign input videos to them, and backup videos, and finally these images. They are called "slates" and are what you see when there is some catastrophic "technical difficulty" which blocks the videos from getting to the box. I can also push a button and make all the slates take over.

So that's running overnight. I'm doing the HD 1080i ones first, because if that doesn't break the machine, the lower resolution ones probably won't.

I stayed at work till 7, but the last hour was in the break room kibitzing Automation Guy and Assistant Automation Guy in the pool tournament. They are both pretty good. The project manager set the rules, and he did it wrong. Instead of the usual doubles play where one person keeps shooting till he misses, if one guy on the team makes a shot, the other guy gets the next shot, and they trade off until one misses.
After rehearsals I went straight home. It was pretty hot, so the double-pane windows which allegedly are installed are a FAIL. It was 72 outside, 84 inside at 10 pm. It got up to 92 outside during the day. Domino is not enjoying the heat, and is starting to get matted again. Grrr.

Watched a couple of episodes of TMZ. Am now less than 2 weeks behind.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pear Ave Theatre for Pear Slices, a handful of one-acts written in their playwrights workshop. I have that on my list to do some day.

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