Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

What a waste

Slept till 10, played on the internet till 2, had a Klondike bar for brunch.

Choice between buying more plants or facing the fact that the strawberries are mostly dead because clay soil.

Chose the latter and took my camera down to Morgan Hill to check out the Santa Clara County Model Airplane Field. Turns out it is helicopter weekend, and by the tme I got there it was so windy there was no sense in flying a model chopper. One guy was trying, but it was all over the place.

Punched in a restaurant which looked like it was Philippine, but the GPS took me to the wrong side of a divided highway, and it was now a run-down Mexican place. Back toward 101, stopped off at Marie Calender's and had some very good prime rib because it was on special and came with free pie.

Home, watched a couple of episodes of TMZ. Processed my Santa Barbara weekend photos and uploaded them to Flickr.

Had a hot pocket and some ice cream for dinner.

Being plagued by mosquito bites, maybe from the weekend, maybe local.

Also had some issues today with my SPF 50 somehow infiltrating my eyelids and making my eyes burn. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe call my sister and ask about plants which grow in clay soil.
Maybe buy some.
Maybe buy some mulch and an electric tiller and make the garden plant-able
Maybe research landscapers
Janice will swing by at 2 with The Twins and drive us up to Lick Observatory.

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