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50 Charades of Gray

Read, watched Tivo and had lunch, waited for Janice to show up with the twins at 2. Janice showed up, but made the mistake of asking the twins' mom to bring them. She brought them to in-and-out clear across town, and got here at 2:30.

We should still have made it to Lick by 3:30, but got stuck behind a white SUV being driven by someone who thought he had an 18-wheeler. The road is double-line all the way, and he refused to take any of the many turn-outs. We got to the top at about 4, and what with the twins needing the loo and the gift shop, we just barely made the 4:30 presentation in the big dome with the world's largest telescope. That ended just in time for them to turn out the lights and lock the doors. It was too cold & windy to walk to any of the other buildings, and even it is wasn't, one twin was felled by a tummy ache. Or so she said.

The road we came up. I tried it once, but vertigo set in pretty quickly. I learned to drive in Washington State, but am not keen on mountain roads. Janice, who learned to drive in Kansas, is.

I think I'll look for a bus tour. There are mini-buses we passed on the way up. I'd like to go up again, but earlier in the day, and not with children.

And that brings us to today. It got off to a shitty start. I smelled cat poop when I was in the kitchen, but didn't see any in the usual places. When I got to the car, it was on my shoe. So I got out of the car and hosed off the bottom of the shoe, and noted that there was some on the outdoor welcome mat to take care of later.

Monday meeting was sabotaged by the guy who can't shut up. He could not understand that (a) anything can be made into a simple to use graphical user interface and (b) don't fight for doing things the old/difficult way when there's an obvious new/easy way. This was followed by the most boring demo ever. I'm guessing Boss told Automation Guy to spread the Joy Of Demo around to other team members, because Mr. A, who is an order of magnitude more knowledgeable about most things on our product, did not know what he was demonstrating. And his demo took a long time to run, but had no clues for us what it actually did. Sigh.

After the meeting I caught up on some stuff and then went to Starbucks for pseudo lunch. Not much eye candy.

After lunch the guy I've been working with on the jpeg to movie project showed me the last step in the test, which worked fine. But now I need to set it up to automatically switch between the Comcast feed to the still image movie, and back. Almost got it but then 6 o'clock rolled around.

Sometime in there I used my catcam app and found the poo - right in front of the carport door. I had not seen it because she had done it on the dark brown indoor mat. On my way out I had apparently moved the mat and stepped in it.

After work the plan was to go to QT nails for a manicure, and 99 chicken for some take-home fried bird. Plan A was manicure first, bird second. Plan B was needing to wait 20 minutes for the mani and getting chicken while I waited. I got plan Z instead: had to book the manicure for tomorrow, and 99 was closed for remodeling till June.

I did some shopping, though. Rite Aid for Ajaz cleaner, and Pep Boys for new wiper blades and washer fluid.

Home, installed the new blades. Michelins are much better than RainX or Bosch.

And then it was poo time. Hosed off the outside mat, used litterbox shovels to re-locate the unsquished poo into the litter box, and scrape off as much as possible. Then swiffered the rest, and sprayed the area with lysol. Left the door open (they all have screens) to dry.

Caught up on FB, watched today's TMZ (I am now caught up) and one episode of Hollywood Game Night over lamb shank dinner, to which I added a bunch of chopped celery. Also used the Cuisinart to chop up pistachios. 1.5 lbs of them.

That story goes like this:
Costco sells a 3# bag of unshelled pistachios and a 1.5# bag of shelled pistachios for 40¢ less. Some web research revealed that shells are half the weight. So the shelled was a slightly better bargain. Took a snack sized baggie's worth to work, and they didn't taste nearly as good. Stale, and slightly burned. But thatr's nearly $18 of nuts, so instead of tossing them I ground them up to use as ice cream topping, and Other Ways.
Fuzzy called, it looks like they will start on the bathroom Wednesday at 8:30 am. I need to empty the cabinets. There's room in the bedroom and 3rd BR to put it all.

Plans for tomorrow:


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