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I may have posted about this before, but FB memes have driven me to it today.

Keeping this public. Would have posted on FB, that's too public.

I was bullied as a child. It started around 3rd grade, when I was one of the smallest kids in school, definitely the smallest in my class. I always fought back. I never won, or even came close.

By the time I was in high school, I was the shortest and one of the fattest kids in class. 5'2", 150 lbs. I was still bullied, and I still fought back. I won twice.

The first time I caught a tall kid wearing a sweatshirt he had stolen from my gym locker. As we were going down the stairs I punched him in the side of the head, which smashed against the wall. The sweatshirt was back in my locker the next day.

The second time I was in the band room, and this nasty skinhead kid took a swing at me. I threw him with a move I'd learned in judo class. He flew across the room (band rooms are BIG), and he landed on his back among a forest of music stands. He never bothered me again. And I think that was the last time anyone did.

The only time an adult took any interest was toward the end of 5th grade, when I threw a rock at a bully, hit him in the head, and the teacher decided to have me assigned to a different class for 6th grade. Worst year of my childhood, 6th grade.

My parents were concerned about my often coming home from grade school with a bloody nose, but I honestly didn't know the older kids who beat me up, it was after hours, there was nothing they could do, really. Nothing ever got broken. Never needed stitches or a trip to the ER.

I survived. I don't think bullying affected me in the long term. Maybe it made me more considerate of others, but maybe not. I didn't go all Rocky Balboa and pump up. I didn't continue judo after that one year (got a brown belt from Bruce Lee's first judo teacher, that was good enough for me).

My point is that the huge anti-bullying extravaganza making the Political Correctness rounds these days is way out of proportion to the problem.  

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