Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Here We Go Again

1:18 and I'm still at the keyboard. But it's different this time. I only got about 4 hours' sleep last night, so when I got home I did the minimal amount of chores, showered and went to bed. That was 8 o'clock.  Slept till 10:30, so now I'm up in the wee hours again.

This is the first Memorial Day weekend in a long time where I was not either in a play, or at a science fiction convention, or both.

But I digress.

So, today I was up at 6 again, the workers arrived a little after 7, this time I had stuff to do online till 8 then went to work. Kind of on autopilot, really needed more sleep but the remodeling is being done in the master bathroom and there was noplace to nap. Besides, the water was off, and there are toilets at work.

Not a very productive work day. Lots of time sunk into researching things I am expected to test. And just as I was going to update some test cases, the application blew up. No lunch. Instead Kaiser to pick up some more insulin pens and an extra sharps container, then OfficeMax to buy a box and some biodegradable peanuts so I can ship the latest eBay sale item. No time for lunch because there was a meeting. Boring, useless meeting.

Afternoon mostly caught up on the news from Thailand, and watched the house on the webcams. I saw some interesting things:
- The sink faucet was replaced with exactly the kind I had asked for.
- Domino mostly slept in her bed by the piano, but when the workers started wrapping things up at about 5:30 she parked herself in front of the closed computer room doors, just off the dropcloth runner they had put down to protect the carpet. She made one foray into the bedroom but scooted away after poking her head into the bathroom, which was being re-tiled.
- The workers are very inefficient. Every 2 minutes one of them was walking from the bathroom to the carport to get something. This is a walk the length of the house and halfway back. I saw one guy bringing in tiles two at a time, when they are packaged in sets of 6. They are not that heavy, and there was not reason he could not have stacked all they needed on the dropcloth on the bedroom floor.
- They were still at work at 6 pm.

There is not cam in the bathroom, but the bedroom cam has a view of the bathroom doorway. Can't see much, but could tell when he was doing the tiles, and could see all the traffic.

Left work a little after 6, when I got home they had their trucks parked on the street and were hosing down the driveway (probably not necessary) so I just kept on going, parked at the community center and beat myself at a game of pool, then went back home. Fuzzy called soon after to tell me not to walk on the bathroom tiles, they needed to set, but the kitchen sink and guest bathrooms were usable. And to confirm they won't be back to finish until Tuesday. I'm going to leave a message Monday asking them to not show up until 8.

So far, this has not been a disaster, but I know I won't be hiring him for any more work. I know the tile job is going to cost extra.

One thing I did at work was email the local master gardeners, who gave me some encouragement and good ideas on how to salvage the roses and strawberries.

After my nap & dinner, went outside to see the meteor shower, but there were too many clouds. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
PO. Mail the eBay item, and a t-shirt for grand-nephew bought at Lick, and the check for Fuzzy for 1/2 the job estimate which was due when they were 1/2 done.
On to the dump, fill two containers with free compost
Mulch the roses and strawberries. Maybe do a drainage test. Master Gardener says throw away the Miracle Grow, clay soil has lots of nutrients, just needs nitrogen from compost.

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