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Compost FTW

Stayed up too late again, but slept well. Got to the post office just after the last parking slot was filled, but a tour around the very long block got me back when several people were leaving. Before 10 there is only one clerk on duty, pretty poor for a major PO. And there are only about a dozen parking spots, horrible for a brand new main PO. Dropped off the packages after a 15-minute wait.

Before leaving I had put two big plastic storage containers and the shovel into the car. Drove straight to the "SMART Station"  which is a logical next stop after the PO from my house. The compost pile was about 20 feet high, enough volume to bury three cars. There were plenty of shovels.

I filled the larger box with compost, then took the smaller box to the straw-like filler pile. Filled that. It was a mixture of straw, wood slivers, sawdust and the occasional piece of shredded paper. Much much lighter than the compost.

Drove home, shoveled compost around the roses, then dumped the strawstuff onto the strawberries. Watered them both. It was clear I needed another trip.

So, back to the recycling center, filled the two boxes the same way again. Home, added compost to every bit of the rose garden plot, and filled in the sparse spots on the strawberry patch with strawdust.

Now I am very pooped. Heated up some precooked bacon for lunch, then took a nap for about 90 minutes.

Time for a trip to Lowe's.   Two projects. Buy some catmint plants to add to the rose garden per the local Master Gardener's suggestions. Buy a swivel aerator/spray widget for the kitchen faucet and a hand-held shower head on a long hose, plus the two-way valve and Teflon tape by which to attach it to the existing shower head.

Took all that home. Kept the plumbing stuff in the car because I don't want the remodelers' boss to see them, put the plants on the side of the carport because it was too hot to be planting.

Inside, watched some TV, hydrated, petted Domino, and set up for a project I have been planning for more than a year. I brought my music folder home from Ye Olde Towne Band (usually we leave them with the band director) and went through each piece, re-taping the ones which were coming apart. Most of our music comes with two Baritone parts, but we have 8 baritones, so we copy the extra parts. The originals are all one piece of paper, but the copies are as many as 6 taped together. Most are usually just 2. The section head who prepares the music cheats and only puts a sliver of tape top and bottom, but that comes apart soon enough. So I tape the length of the page on the reverse side.

In conjunction with that, we were asked to pull out any music which wasn't on The List. I was gone for the first 3 rehearsals so I found out about this from the guy who sits next to me. Someone else gave me The List, and while I was taping I was also weeding out. The List is ostensibly in alphabetical order, but whoever compiled it did two things wrong. First he treated words with apostrophe s ('s) as a word which ends in s, not as the word up to that point.

For instance, "That's" came after "Thatched".

The other was he put all the "Selections from" pieces under S. They belong under the name of the thing they are selections from. Such as Grease, Oklahoma and Fiddler on the Roof. Those belong under G, O and F, respectively.

I keep my music in alpha order except for the piece we always start the concert with, Join The Circus; The Star Spangled Banner; the medley we always end the concert with, and Happy Birthday.

That done, it was after 7, the wind was picking up, the sun was going down, so I went outside and started to plant catmints in that lovely compost in the rose garden. About halfway through #3, a hombre in a massive pickup truck shows up, he's here to take the junk from the remodeling job. I expected him several hours earlier. No problem, I pulled the car out of the carport and parked in front of the rose garden while he backed his massive vehicle in and got to work.

I was done way before he was. Inside, washed, fired up the PC and took care of some business.

Watched some TV, then went for a massage. I was pretty sore from the gardening, and the massage hurt more than it helped.

Denny's for dinner, then Safeway for some staples. Ice Cream, bananas, strawberries, TV dinners, blueberries were on sale so I got some of those too. And bread. And a piece of German Chocolate cake.

Home, ate half the cake after doing my best to drop it. Been having a lot of that lately - dropping things or nearly dropping them as I think about not dropping them.

And here we are.

Plans for tomorrow:

Put away the clothes which were laundered this morning
Be at the concert venue by 12:30
Concert 1:30-3:30. Janice is bringing the twins and maybe their mom.  Janice won't set me up with any of the very attractive women she knows, because she knows them through AA.
I don't know if she thinks I will drive them to drink, or if the fact that I don't care for alcohol would push their buttons.

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