Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Last Sunday of the Month

Somehow, I could not see a reason to get out of bed until about 11 this morning. Probably because there was none.

Finished the half of the piece of German chocolate cake I'd started on last night, and called it brunch. Went to the computer to check that the backups had completed (automatic ones) but instead spent a bunch of time on FB and looking up stuff, and shut down the machine without checking.

Drove to Shoup Park, got there by 12:20, my parking spot at the top of the hill was waiting for me. There was also parking at the bottom of the hill where the concert is, but I like to leave that for the audience, many of whom are locomotively challenged. I had brought my Nexus, expecting to read some from the Kindle app, but instead chatted with people (Janice showed up early with her friend and the twins) and put my music in the order we would be playing it.

The concert went well, lots of audience members and a lot of people in the park for picnic & BBQ. At one point I choked while playing as the nearest upwind BBQ was fired up using a year's supply of lighter fluid. I was amuse to see the wind shift suddenly, causing the pyros to quickly rescue their flammables (table cloth, paper plates, etc).  My lip was still hanging in there at the end of the concert, but just barely.

Jake, the guy I sit next to who is about 200 years old** and has been in a wheelchair the past two years, showed as we were getting ready to start, using those armband crutches. He found someone to carry his baritone for him. He said the med were messing with his brain, and it showed. He was having trouble playing for about the first five numbers.

** actually he only looks that old. He started playing in the Stanford band in 1962, I think as a grad student, which would make him "only" about 73. 

At halftime, the girl twin asked me if what I was playing was a tuba. Good guess, a baritone looks like a tuba which shrunk in the wash. I took her around to the back of the stage so she could see tubas, and when I pointed out our female tuba player who was taking a break with her family on the grass nearby, she asked to meet her. So I took her and her mom and introduced them, and tuba player graciously took the twin in hand and showed her the tuba and gave her a tutorial. She's a very good teacher.

After the concert it was straight home, get out of uniform and into jeans & t-shirt and wonder what to do for the rest of the day.

Changed the litterbox, did 2 loads of laundry and put the clothes away. Some of the shirts are not permapress so I broke out the iron and the sizing and made the collars presentable.

Watched 2 episodes of TMZ, and some random TV.

Dinner was a series of snacks. Two kinds of local goat cheese with crackers. The cheeses were not a FAIL but they ended up being flushed down after I ran out of crackers. Heated up half a dozen stuffed grape leaves. Figured out why the SodaStream was not carbonating, put in a new cartridge and that fixed it. Which means I need to make a cartridge exchange run soon.

After dinner, took out the garbage and wheeled the garbage & recycle containers out to the street. There were enough others out there for me to expect the holiday will not delay collections.

Plans for tomorrow:
See Chef with Janice at matinée time, followed by chat at Starbucks
On to San Jose to see an indie movie a friend is in, and his daughter is also in. I think she's the star. I met her when she was a babe in arms, my friend was in a play in Menlo Park which I was helping with. I don't think I have seen her since. If I remember correctly, the story is he either divorced the mom or she divorced him before the baby was born. I know he has been married to someone else (whom I have met and seen on stage many times) almost ever since.

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