Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Blah. Meh. Except for dinner.

Woke up at 8:30, when the alarm switched off. No need to rush to work because I was planning on staying late because the play I was seeing after work was only a couple of miles away. Used the new shower for the first time. A little awkward using squeeze bottles instead of the dispenser, but otherwise a HUGE improvement over both the original and the guest shower.

Spent most of the day faceplanting in the test case database, creating steps for testing things on the upcoming product which I had no idea how to really test. But boss is pressuring us to finish the steps by tomorrow, regardless.

And he's badgering me about something I volunteered to take a look at, which has turned into a marketing campaign.

Got a phone call from someone who wants to sell me long term care insurance. No, not as bad as it sounds. Some California department has a partnership program going, and I sent in a slip with my name & phone number. We set up an appointment for Tuesday, but the guy kept wanting to ask me more questions and I had a meeting to go to. Had to hang up on him as soon as he said he would call back in an hour. He didn't.

It's obvious he's used top talking to old Luddite retirees, which should not be his primary audience. If he calls back the first question is what company he represents.

Lunch at Togo's. Same cutie from two days ago was there, but wearing a dress, so not as good a view while she was ordering - she parked in the same seat. Worker with thong pants was there, but the redheads were not. No other eye candy. I started reading a new Kindle magazine. It was billed as just a 1930's hard science fiction magazine, but the intro makes it clear that it is issue #1 of Astounding. I skipped the first piece because it is the first half of a serialized novel which I may come back to if they have volume 2 online. The first short story is well written, and uses a lot of science, though they get some things somewhat wrong which are pivotal story points.

Worked till 6:45, drove to where I was planning on having dinner, but it was already 7 by then, I didn't think I'd make it to the theater in time if I had a real dinner, so I went to Baskin & Robbins and had a banana split. Mint chocolate chip, chocolate fudge and strawberry ice cream, caramel, hot fudge and strawberry toppings.

Got to Santa Clara Players' theater at 7:30, bought a ticket, checked the plumbing, and saw Agatha Crusty and The Village Hall Murders. Four friends in a cast of 8. Two new (to me) faces, hope to see them again. Horrible script, poorly directed. Way too many scene changes for a one-set show. Most of the humor was lost on the cast. British accents were iffy all around.

Chatted with each cast member after the show, except for one guy who dodged me and snuck out early. He played two parts - he did the same in the last show.

Home, only junk mail from candidates and issue proponents.

On the front porch were two Amazon deliveries: three new SodaStream bottles, and a soap/shampoo dispenser for the shower. While looking for my tube of silicon glue I found a 75W-equivalent spiral bulb which I put in place of the 60W incandescent in the bathroom. Took the soap containers out of the dispenser, applied the 2-sided tape and the silicon glue which came with it, which turned out to be enough so I didn't need the tube I had found. Secured it to the wall with white gaffer's tape. It may be ready to fill the containers and use in the morning.

Kitchen, filled the new bottles with water and parked them in the fridge. Will charge one or two in the morning. Put two old ones aside. The labels on those say they are okay to use for another 2 years, but they have not been holding a charge, so I'm thinking the caps have work out.

Plans for tomorrow:
Catch up on Tivo
Water the plants

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